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Work With Me

Who am I? 

I am a certified sex educator with about 10 years in the adult industry.  I’ve worked in various adult industry outlets, from sex shops to major porn companies, it’s helped me acquire quite a bit of knowledge.


After working for years with sex toys and answering questions, I realized how many people are confused by these toys. Not only are people confused on the basics of sex toys, but how to use them. And who can blame them? These toys can be intimidating! So I decided to answer these questions and more. 

Do you work with affiliates? 


Yes I do, I currently work with Lovehoney, Wet For Her and Adult Mega Store. 


Guest Posting


Do you take guest posts


Yes I do. I am open to all types of guest posts that discuss and cover things I don’t. I do however have a moral clause, this is to protect you and myself as I can’t promote anything I don’t believe in. 


Do you write guest posts? 


I absolutely do! If you have a particular idea you’d like for me to discuss or if you want me to see if your site is a website I’m open to writing to, I’m open to it! We are all working to do our part to and thrive, I believe in the small business, I believe in fellow bloggers, I believe in the importance of this industry.




 You can write a sponsored blog for my site. The blog needs to be your own content with a link back to your company, it also needs be approved by me prior to posting. Below are restrictions on what I do not allow on my website. 


Prohibited Content: 


– Anything related to or containing children, in any way, shape or form. 

– Promotion of unethical companies 

– Rape and Incest.

– Homophobic, transphobic, sexism, racism and body shaming.


You can also work with me, I will write the content and link it back to your site. It will be posted on both our sites, which a link back to my site. 




Guest and Sponsored Posts will be on the front page of my blog for a month. The article will also be promoted on my social media, my social media being, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok.


Product Reviews/Breakdowns


I will write a post for a review on your product, it will be an honest review.  I do require a affiliate link for a small commission of future purchases. 

If you have further questions you can email me at Kiss@uncensoredkiss.com, or fill out the form provided below.