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What type of dildo is for you? The double ended or the realistic?


You get a dildo! You get a dildo! And you get a dildo!!!!! *Oprah Voice* 


Dildo’s…. There’s one for everyone, but for now let’s go over the Double Ended and Realistic types. 


This is the first installment of my dildo series, giving you the downlow on all that’s out there. Yup, there’s so many options. The only way to conquer it all is to do a series! 


We will be discussing the Double Ended Dildo and Realistic Dildo today


Double Ended Dildo

Girls use it, guys use it, porn uses it! What is it? The double ended dildo!

These dildos are the exactly as the name states – a dong on each end. But there are a variety of double ended dildo’s, so let’s get into it. 




Tapered Double Ended Dildo



Find the right side for you, with this tapered one, see how much of the length you can take! 


The point of this toy is to be able to use it with a partner, it’s great for threesomes. It’s not a super popular toy, you’ll see it porn’s though. 


These are the most common type of double ended dildo, one end is typically larger than the other end.


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Double Penetration

Did you like the tapered? Wanted it to bend and stay put so you can slip it where you want it? This double penetration u-shaped dildo is the one for you.


This is a u-shaped dong, it can’t be straightened. It’s meant for double penetration such as vaginal and anal at the same time. 


It’s  not super flexible so take that into consideration when buying the one for you. It was molded into this shape, so it does have some flexibility but won’t be straightened out. 

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Realistic Double Penetrator



Double thrust, with the double penetration, fill up both holes at the same time with this delight. 


The realistic double penetrator is a particular type of dildo doesn’t have the dildo rounded. It’s like two dildos that are attached, meant for vaginal and anal penetration.


They have be fun to explore with if you want to try double penetration. The anal part is typically smaller than the vaginal part, just so it’s more comfortable and easy to slide in. 


This particular one has a suction cup so you can ease yourself on at your own pace. 


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Realistic Dildos


The life like dong, the realistic schlong, is it fake or was he just born that way? 


So what exactly do I mean by realistic? Well, these types of toys are meant to look like the real deal. 


Some people prefer having a toy that’s  more realistic, they enjoy the look of it and the way it feels. You have to be attracted to your toys to thrive, which is why we strive for variety. 


Companies have come up with several types of realistic dildo types, let’s check em out! 


Balls and all!



These realistic dildo’s not only have prominent veins that look filled with excitement, but have the balls to match. Don’t worry, they’ve man-scaped and are hair free. 


What you want to pay attention with on these toys is the length, some will tell you the length of the toy from balls to tip. You want to check out the insert-able length, which should be easily available to check out. 


What’s cool is that because they are realistic if you want to use them with your partner you can suck on them or play with them it’ll seem far more realistic. 


Note: Some have suction, some don’t depends on what you want. 


King Cock Ultra Realistic -Lovehoney


No Balls Erection



Do they get in the way? Not wanting to fuss with another set of testies? Totally understandable, tea bagging isn’t for everybody. 


What’s the solution then when you want the realism of the penis? A ball-less dildo! It’s just a big erection without the balls, free to insert wherever you please. Minus the anus cause there’s no flared in and you don’t want it getting sucked on in. 


Get your no balls fuss with this super realistic dildo. Some have suction some don’t, it depends on what you like. 


King Cock Girthy Ultra Realistic Suction Cup Dildo


Dual Density



So you want a realistic looking dildo that also feels real? Then this is what you want. I’ve never felt something so amazing.. 


The creators of this amazing realistic dildo have really brought an extra feature that makes it seem even more like a realistic sex toy. 


They’ve added a firm inner core in the center giving you dual density sensation. It makes it so much more realistic and a lot of fun! 


The outside layer is silky smooth, just squeeze this baby though and feel the dual density, a great sex toy. They come with and without balls for your choosing! 


Doc Johnson The Perfect D Dual Density Realistic Dildo


This is my break down on the Double Ended and Realistic Dildo’s, I hope this helps you figure out what tickles your pickle. 


I’ll be going over the other types of dildo’s in this dildo series, so keep an eye out! 


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