The Tango by WeVibe is a lipstick style bullet. It’s power when seen bouncing around is impressive! But is the hype all it seems?


Over 80 percent of people who buy sex toys use a vibrator for clitoral stimulation and orgasms. Thanks Jack & Jill Toys!







Quick Summary

tango wevibe review


The Tango is a rechargeable and super strong bullet. You can NOT compare its strength to it’s size, small but very mighty. Though you can’t help but wonder, is it too mighty? It’s got a slanted lipstick shape tip, so you can hit the area you want exactly.


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Tango Features

tango wevibe review


Material: ABS Plastic


Vibrations: 8


Waterproof: Yes


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions

tango wevibe review


The box was simple, it didn’t scream ‘I’m a sex toy!!!!’ which I appreciate. Why? Because while it’s discreet, you still know exactly what it is. The box was also super easy to open, which is always a total plus with me because I have nails.


Now they’ve come out with another generation of this toy, but they’ve stuck to the same colors when it comes to the product… pink, blue and black. I don’t mind the colors but would love to see more variety… While I do see that pink and blue are more gender focused, they don’t seem, look or feel that way.


In the box you get a bag, a charger and a sample lube! Which I think personally is super awesome. So it comes with everything you could need. I also like the sleek look it has, it’s petite and honestly fantastic.

Tango Goal

tango wevibe review


The Tango is a bullet, because its a bullet it honestly has a variety of options when it comes to goals. The bullet is used in other sex toys to help enhance them. However, one of the most common uses of the bullet is for the clitoris! Which is what I used it for.


Does that mean I didn’t try it elsewhere? Nope, I used it along my erogenous zones as well! But we’ll get into that and how it was below.


The bullet can be used with a partner or by yourself, it’s small size is easy to handle and can easily be maneuvered wherever needed. Which means you can slip it in wherever you want in whatever position you’re in!


My Experience

tango wevibe review


Turning it on, I was getting tingly in my nether regions right away… The vibration is really strong on level one alone that and just the thought of it got my juices flowing.
Here’s the thing about the Tango, it’s a lot of power in a small toy... and because it’s made of ABS plastic, it’s kind of slippery when wet and the power makes it even harder to control. Especially as you increase the speed…
With the Tango, I started at level 1 and was quite pleased but not really there yet… so I progressed and to level 2 which honestly just had me on hanging on the edge, it was level 3 that pushed me over. But I was able to orgasm on both level 2 and 3.
I don’t like patterns, it’s really just a personal preference. I find its like a tease.. and I’m not interested in a tease, I’m interested in an orgasm.
What I did like was the tilted flat tip, it was definitely a fun orgasm!


Tango Performance

tango wevibe review


The battery on the Tango, totally lasts, which I greatly appreciate. The noise level isn’t bad considering the amount of power it contains. It honestly is really quiet, especially when nuzzled into the body.
It was a little hard to hold the Tango, was it super hard? No, but like I said, it’s made of ABS plastic and quite slippery when went… you also have to realize that with the amount of power the Tango has is strong enough to feel up your arm.
The intensity of the Tango doesn’t diminish either when helping you seek the pleasure you desire.


Pros & Cons

tango wevibe review



  • ABS means I can use any type of lubricant
  • Rechargeable
  • Water-proof.
  • Strong
  • Buzzy/Rumbly Vibration Sensation
  • 90 mins to charge and 120 mins of play


  • Strength means it can numb your hand a little.
  • The strength combined with the size also make it a little hard to handle and hold.
  • End of vibrator has a silicone button so I can’t get any silicone lube onto the silicone button.
  • No travel lock


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

tango wevibe review


Lets be real, this bullet vibrator delivers a lot. It has a slanted tip which provides two of my favorite things, a wider slanted area for general use and then a slim tip for pin point precision.


Now while I recognize that this bullet doesn’t have a travel lock, it’s only got one button.. so do you really need it? In my opinion, you pack it carefully and you should be fine.


The best thing about this bullet is the strength. It’s got a really strong vibration to it and I enjoy that. Because of these factors, and the company it’s made from… I say Yes! It’s worth the price, you get a warranty, you also get a great versatile toy, that’s a lot of fun.


Lube Recommendations


Since it’s ABS plastic, you can use any lubricant you want with it! Which I loooove about the Tango. You can use silicone, hybrid and water-based!


Cleaning Tango

tango wevibe review


Cleaning this toy is a breeze. It’s water-proof and ABS plastic, and there aren’t any deep details on the toy.


Because of this, you can run it under the tap, soap it up and rinse it off. It makes it super easy to clean so you can clean it quickly and put it away when you’re done.


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Tango Alternatives

tango wevibe review



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