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water-based lubricant

Why do I love water based lube? Oh there are sooo many reasons! 

Before I go into the wonders of water-based lube, then I should admit something… 
I used to be ‘anti-lube’, I was like ‘psh! I get wet all on my own! Why do I need that? It’s for old peoples! It’s so not for me, I soak my panties through!’ *end scene!*
Then I went to work for a sex shop and oh my god!!
Lube changed the game… seriously! 
I’ve had moments when I get super excited, and I’m all down for a quickie – I think their great! But that’s another story for another time… anyways!

Lube can help your body catch up to your mind. 


Why Water-Based Lube?

Water-based lube is great for sex, it’s great for masturbating and it’s honestly great sex toys! 
Because it’s water-based it makes it easy to clean up and you don’t have to worry about it staining your sheets. 
A lot of great high-quality sex toys are made from silicone, because of this you can’t use silicone lube you have to use water-based lube.
Silicone eats silicone, so water-based is best for not only your toy but for you, because it protects your toy. 
If you have a sensitivity with other lubes, then water-based natural lubes are better for you and your body.

What type of sex is water-based good for? 

Oh the answer is vast! Like I mentioned it is truly great for quickies, massage some into your vagina or slip some on your cock then slide where desired. 
But here’s a more specific answer:

Enjoying a hand job?

Water-based lube got you! Be generous, the wetter the better! Want to surprise your partner without them knowing you’ve added the lube? Pour it into your hand before slipping it onto them.

Got boob jobs?

Let it slip between those devious tata’s and have some fun! Be playful, let your sense’s ignite as you caress the tata’s, pinching the nipples as you lubricate the area generously. 

Need to be a little more wet?

Pour on the water-based! Put the bottle directly on the desired area or pour it on to your fingers and slip it around and inside, you or your partner can do this!

Cock ring?

Get a little help with Mr. Water-based lube! You’ve got two options here, you can either put a light coat of lube onto the length of the shaft and shimmy down the cock ring.
Or you can put a light coat of lube onto the cock ring itself and slide it into position. You really want to make sure that you do what is comfortable for you. 

Using a condom?

Snag that water-based baby! Unlike genital skin, a condom is a very different texture which is so okay! To help increase pleasure, smother whatever desired amount of lubricant onto the outside of the condom or place of penetration and go at it!

Got a new tattoo?

Yup you read that right! Water-based lube is great for tattoos! Use an appropriate amount that you would typically use if it were a lotion and gently rub into skin.

Penile-Vaginal sex?

Water-based bro! You can caress the penis and slide on in or you can use your fingers doesn’t matter whose to coat the vaginal area in lube and have some fun.

Vaginal-vaginal sex?

Water-based!! However you’d like to play you can use the lubricant start at the clit and work it down into the vaginal canal embracing sensations along the way. 

Getting fingered?

Need a little help? Water-based honey! Make sure those fingers are clean then using whatever desired amount of lube go ahead and caress that sweet sweet vagina!

Water-based lube has endless options! Seriously, don’t doubt the usage of water-based lube. 


So what are the cons of water-based lube? 

Let’s address the first one, if you’re familiar at all with water-based one of your big issues is that it can become tacky.
I get it, you’re getting to the good part, you’ve added more and all that thrusting in any form has made this marvelous lube tacky…
You can fix that! Revive your water-based lube as you’re using it!
Water baby! Sprinkle some water on to the area where it’s applied and it’ll bring it back to life.
I say sprinkle because if you use like a bunch of water you will wash the lube away, so sprinkle until satisfied and it shouldn’t take a lot! 

Why does water-based lube get tacky?

Your body is made of water, because of that your body naturally soaks up the water in water-based lubricant.
Of course it doesn’t happen super fast but with you working the lubricant into the skin it can happen. 

Con’s of water-based lube

Anal sex!

If you noticed I didn’t mention anal sex in all the various forms of how to manipulate water-based lube to your fullest ability.
Why is that? Well I’ll tell you! 
Think of your anus as a waterless black hole! Does that mean you can’t derive pleasure from it? Of course not! So lets go a little bit more depth in to what this all means.
Your rectum isn’t dry, but it does soak any water place in there such as water-based lubricant.
Making it more difficult for water-based lubricant to behave as a lube since there’s a lack of hydration. Your rectum also has incredible suction!
That’s why it’s always important to make sure any toys you insert have a flared end so they don’t get sucked on up! 

What lube should you use for anal sex then?

Silicone and if you’re really opposed to strictly silicone then you can try a hybrid which is a combination of both silicone and water based lube
Ok so now you can revive your lube and know that you shouldn’t use it for anal but what else could there possibly be? 

Shower Sex

Well the last thing I want to really mention is shower sex! Say wha? Yea, shower sex! It’s fun isn’t it? You’re both drenched in water and caressing one another eager for each other.
As you know water washes away natural lubricant and sometimes it just isn’t enough… so what do you do? You reach for the lube! But what should you grab? 
Well if you grab the water-based, while it will work, it will get washed away simply because you’re drenched in water.
So I recommend silicone or a hybrid, this will ensure the lubrication really stays there and doesn’t wash away near as easy.
Want to read more on silicone lube? Check out my article on that here!

Clean Up


If it’s on…


Your body:


 Then use some body soap and water, lather well and rinse.




Get a toy cleaner, rinse the toy first then put on the toy cleaner and go ahead use your hand or washcloth to rub the soap lightly into toy then rinse and let air dry or pat down with towel. 




 You can use a washcloth to lightly dab the area and remove the excess and then just toss into your washer and wash as normal. 


If you have a piece of fabric that you can’t wash in the washer then just warm water and soap until it’s gone and let it dry.


Other locations: 


So long their not super porous then you can typically just use some water and soap and dab lightly then let it air dry. 


Perfect! You can now use and remove the lube from wherever – get it on!



These are the top three brands I would personally recommend. 


Water based lube is epic! With all your new water-based lube information, may you cum until you can’t see!

water-based lubricant


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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