The G-Spot vibrator, made to stimulate that special spot. Located about 2 inches inside the vaginal canal on the ‘roof’ of the vagina. The g-spot can actually cause ejaculation if stimulated properly. (Healthline)


G-Spot Vibrators, what are they? How do g-spot vibrators work? How do I use a g-spot vibrator? All these questions and more answered below! Here is the ultimate guide on g-spot vibrators.


Sex toys are marvelous! And knowing how to use them properly can really help boost your pleasure. These are what you need to know on how to use them.



What Are G-Spot Vibrators?

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


G-Spot Vibrators are sex toys that are typically in a phallic shape with a tip that curves up and vibrate. What makes them special is their shape, they have a curve typically at the upper middle point of the toy that turns up. It’s a gradual curve upward and is shaped in this manor to stimulate the g-spot. 


The shaft of these vibrators may have an added little fun to it! Some have a shaft that pulses, some have a flat mushroom like head giving you a wide space to stimulate the g-spot. Others continue just like a regular vibrator with the only thing being that they curve upward. 


You should also note that getting a g-spot vibrator does not guarantee a g-spot orgasm. It does however help increase the chances with the stimulation it provides. 


Side note: Rabbits can have shafts focused on the g-spot, it just depends on what you get. 


What Are G-Spot Vibrators Made Of?

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


G-Spot Vibrators can be made out of silicone or ABS plastic. But are also available in glass, wood and metal. All these materials are body safe, so if you find a vibe you like in these materials, go for it!


There are some materials that you want to avoid. You want to avoid these materials because they aren’t body safe. What do I mean by this? It means that these materials are porous and can easily trap bacteria and wreak havoc on your genitals. 


The materials you want to avoid are: Jelly, PVC, toys containing Phthalates. The toys made of Jelly or PVC are porous and can trap bacteria. Phthalates have been known to cause a myriad of problems that you don’t want.  


What Are G-Spot Vibrator Shapes? 

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


Vibrators are typically longer than 4.5 inches and curved upwards. They can have a lipstick shaped tip that pulses or has ridges. This provides extra stimulation for the g-spot! 


G-Spot vibrators are known to have balls at the tip for stimulation. And the degree of the curve depends on the brand, it comes down to what you want to try for you. 


Other G-spot vibrators may have a lesser curve with a more focused pulse on the end. All of it meant to stimulate the g-spot.



Where Do G-Spot Vibrators Go?

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


To properly stimulate the G-Spot, you want to place the toy inside the vagina with the g-spot focused tip facing towards the ceiling if you’re laying on your back. The g-spot is located about 2-3 inches inside the vaginal roof so to speak. It’s a rougher square of area, it can be harder to stimulate.


If you feel as though you have to pee then you’ve hit it! Just don’t stop yourself from feeling as though you have to pee, it’s not pee, its an intense orgasm on the brink, let it rip!


You can put the g-spot vibrator into the vagina, on the clitoris but not the anus. Feel free to explore with where you put the vibration and have some fun with your pleasure. You should use lubricant or make sure your body is naturally lubricated.


Do NOT insert the g-spot vibrator into the anus, it doesn’t have a flared end so it could get sucked inside the anus and you’ll end up in the hospital.


How To Use G-Spot Vibrators?

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


There is never one way to use a toy, you should always explore. However, if you have no idea what to do, that’s okay! After you are properly lubricated, insert the tip of the g-spot vibrator into the vagina. 


You can then thrust in and out, you can go slowly and angle up… this helps to stimulate the g-spot. You can speed up if you so desire, I recommend varying your speed to find what you enjoy. Insert as much or as little of the g- spot vibrator as desired.


How To Clean G-Spot Vibrator?

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators


If the g-spot vibrator is water-proof, you don’t have to worry about the battery area. If your g-spot vibrator isn’t water-proof, then you want to avoid the control area.


Rinse off any residue that may be on the shaft.


Soap up the shaft of the vibrator.


Rinse off the soap.


Repeat if needed.


Air dry or pat dry, it’s your choice!


Explore G-Spot Vibrators!

G-Spot Vibrator Recommendations

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators

Lube Recommendations

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators

G-spot vibrators are an excellent way to explore not only g-spot orgasms but also vaginal orgasms. The g-spot orgasm can be harder to accomplish but not impossible, so don’t be afraid to keep on trying! Using lubricant will only benefit you, have fun and enjoy the adventure.

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