Hit that sweet spot with the Suga Stick by Rock Candy. It’s unique design provides you with an array of fun ways to use it on your partner. And here’s the ultimate guide to suga stick.



This fun stick is part of the Rock Candy collection, it’s totally inspired by candy that’s meant to hit that sweet spot. So here’s what you need to know so you can explore with it.


Suga Stick Basics

ultimate guide to suga stick


Rechargeable: No, it requires 1 AAA battery.


Waterproof: Nope, it’s not water-proof.


Lube: Water Based, Silicone and Hybrid! Whatever your hearts desire, it’s made from ABS plastic.


Motors: 1


Vibrations: 3 vibrations: Low, Medium and High.


Vibration Patterns: 2 pulse patterns called Tease and Please.


Travel Lock: No, just pop the battery out so you don’t have to worry about it turning on.


Warranty: No


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Suga Stick Instructions

ultimate guide to suga stick


Opening The Toy

Grab the end of the toy, just above the colored line and twist the end of the toy to the right to unlock. Put in a AAA battery, negative side facing up the opening.

Closing The Toy

Line the two prongs up with the toy and then push down and twist. Don’t be afraid to maneuver it around until the prongs are lined up and the end slips down. Twist to the left to lock.

Turn Toy On/Off

Click this bottom button to turn the toy on. Hold down this button for 2 -3 seconds to turn toy off.

Vibrations & Patterns

Click the button to go through the following: low, medium and high vibrations. Continue clicking to access the Tease then the Please pulses. Be sure to click, if you hold it down you’ll turn the toy off.


Don’t be afraid to explore! Thanks to the flared base of the tip, you can insert the toy, but I don’t suggest going past the tip.


The great thing about this toy is it can be used on whoever! The genitals aren’t the only area – so have some fun with the nipples, perineum and other areas you find enticing!


Cleaning Suga Stick

ultimate guide to suga stick


The company says it’s water-proof, I’d suggest splash proof because you have access to the battery.


  • Wipe down toy with wet cloth and get off whatever residue you can. You can even turn the toy on and run it under the faucet to get the residue off. (only the end of the toy where the battery goes, that’s what I recommend protecting)
  • Using a toy safe cleaner, soap the toy up.
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe toy off or run under faucet to rinse it off. (I don’t suggest getting the battery area drenched)
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe off battery area if you don’t want to put it under the faucet.
  • Place on clean area to air dry or pat dry your toy


Lube Recommendations

ultimate guide to suga stick

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