Don’t stop, get it, get it! Stud 100 is a popular brand, they prolong your sex play by delaying your come time. 


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How Does Stud 100 Work?

ultimate guide to stud 100


This spray contains lidocaine – not lidocaine you can get at the dentist or anything! So please buy this product which is meant for this vs trying to get it somewhere else. 


Stud 100 Basics

ultimate guide to stud 100


  • Active ingredient: Lidocaine USP 9.6%
  • Open: Use a coin and twist to flip open the child resistant cap
  • Dosage: 3 or more sprays to be effective. Do not do more than 10 sprays! 
  • How does it work? Stud 100 helps to temporarily slow down the onset of ejaculation by reducing sensitivity of penis prior to sex.
  • How many sprays per bottle? About 120.
  • Do you need a prescription? No.
  • Is it safe for pregnancy? Safer to avoid if your pregnant and use alternate options.


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How To Use Stud 100

ultimate guide to stud 100


Flaccid or Erect? 


The penis can be either when you want to use it. 


How many sprays to use?


 You want to use 3 to 10 sprays, but I suggest starting with 3 sprays and then feeling it out from there. 


When do I apply it?


You want to apply it at least 5 – 15 minutes prior to sex. Make sure it’s dry before you do anything – if it’s still a little wet just wipe off the excess. 


How long does it take to work and how long does it last?


It takes anywhere from 5 – 15 mins to start to work. After it starts working you have an hour at least but it can last up to a few hours! So you definitely have some play time. 


Can it be reapplied? 


Yes it can be! But do NOT exceed 24 sprays within 24 hours. 


What do I do once I’m done? 


Just clean your penis with warm water and soap after intercourse.


Does it matter what lube I use?


Nope, whatever you desire! No matter what lube you try, just be sure you’re dry before you do. Because it does make you less sensitive, you may not feel the cooling or warming affects of lubricant as much. 


Can I use it for shower sex? 


Yes you can! I don’t think you should get that area soaked because you don’t want to wash away the spray but I would say it’s more splash-proof.


How To Apply Stud 100

ultimate guide to stud 100

Open Stud 100

Using a key slip it in the slot and turn the key gently. This will pop open the lid.

Spray On Stud 100

Spray Stud 100 on both sides then the tip. The penis can be flaccid or erect, either is fine.

Rub It Around

Massage in the Stud 100, you want to get it all over and let it dry. If you don’t let it dry you’ll transfer it to your partner making them numb, so let it dry.

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Cleaning Off Stud 100

ultimate guide to stud 100


After you are done play, you want to make sure you clean your genitals. Rinse yourself then soap up and rinse off. And as I always say – pat dry or air dry it’s your choice! Just be sure to clean yourself after you’re done. 


Note: Cleaning yourself will not wash away the effects of the spray. So don’t worry if you wash it off and don’t feel super sensitive after.


Warning: Once you use it  wash your hands and absolutely make sure it’s dry before you play because if it transfer to your partner you can numb whatever area of them you use it on.


That being said – ONLY use it on the shaft and head of the penis. 

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