Lets talk Silicone and I’m not talkin bout boobies! Silicone lubricant is the never-ending slip n slide of lubricant. Let’s dive into what you need to know about silicone lubricants! 


ultimate guide to silicone lube

What Is Silicone Lube?

ultimate guide to silicone lube


The main ingredient for silicone lubricant is Dimethicone, there are other ingredients typically added to it, however those vary depending on the company. 


Silicone lubricant has been FDA as a medical device, so it’s super body safe. Another bonus is that Silicone lubricant is also hypoallergenic, and if you are on the sensitive side, then this is a big bonus. 

What Types Of Silicone Lube Are There?

ultimate guide to silicone lube

Anal Silicone Lubricant. This lubricant, you guessed it, is focused on anal sex. What makes Silicone lubricant so great for anal sex is that it’s super long-lasting, doesn’t become tacky, and won’t soak into your skin. 


Temperature Effect Silicone Lubricant. This is lubricant that has a cooling or warming effect, the intensity of them varies depending on the brand. It’s just to have a little bit of fun and add some new sensation to your intimacy. 


Jelly Silicone Lubricant. The consistency of Jelly lubricant is a thick consistency, similar to its name, as it comes  out like a jelly. This is great for anal sex or just some place that requires extra lubricant, it’s thick and spreadable. 


Ultra Thin Lubricant. You have your thick and then you have your thin! Thin lubricant is typically very light in texture, more liquid when it comes to consistency. 


Regular Silicone Lubricant. There’s no one area that it’s meant for, you can use it wherever you want. Have some fun and get it on!


Stimulant Enhanced Lubricant. Because lubricant is so widely used, they sometimes are able to add additional things to enhance the experience, such as an anal relaxant into the silicone. You want to know what you’re using and when so you can enjoy the full experience without surprises. 

Quick Facts On Silicone Lube

ultimate guide to silicone lube
  • Less is more, it’s super slippery and doesn’t soak into your skin. 

  • Hypoallergenic, if you are more sensitive to lubricants, this may be a great option for you. 

  • Anal sex recommended, because the anus is a dry black hole, silicone lubricant is great for anal sex. 

  • Waterproof-ish, silicone lubricant isn’t easily washed away with water. So if you use it in the shower, you need to be careful and use it where you want it. If you get any on the floor, use a cloth to pick it up. You don’t want to fall and hit your head in the shower for an orgasm. 

  • Condom Friendly, that’s right! Silicone lubricant is condom friendly. 

  • Do NOT USE Silicone Lube on silicone sex toys! Silicone eats silicone and this can easily destroy your toy. This only applies to silicone toys – it’s perfectly safe for all other toys.

How To Use Silicone Lube

ultimate guide to silicone lube


After picking the silicone lubricant you want, I’m sure you’ll ready to get started! Coat the item you want to use in a layer of silicone lube, I typically use 2 fingers to spread the lubricant around. 


You can also use the lubricant on yourself, it’s easiest to put some on your fingers and place where desired. 


Start with a smaller amount then add on as needed, since silicone lubricant is slippery you want to make sure you don’t get it on the floor. 

How To Clean Silicone Lube

ultimate guide to silicone lube


Get silicone lube off your body. You want to use soap and water, just wash until you feel it’s gone. It shouldn’t take much, just don’t be afraid to be generous with the soap. 


Remove silicone lube from toys. Use warm water and toy cleaner or antibacterial soap to remove silicone lube from your toys. After washing them you can either let them air dry or pat them dry.


Clean silicone lube off fabric. It’s worth noting that silicone lube can stain sheets, so you want to get it off any fabric you like others seeing with swift action after the fun is done. You want a grease-fighting soap and water to start, it should come off with ease. 


If that doesn’t work then you can use laundry-focused stain remover or toy cleaner. Let it sit on the fabric to really soak in before washing. 


Silicone lube makes things really slippery, and the wetter the better! Have some fun and don’t be afraid to explore and enjoy with a little silicone lube.


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ultimate guide to silicone lube



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