Shower sex sounds super hot! You’re wet and slippery and it’s oh so steamy! But it’s not as easy as it looks, here’s tips to having shower sex.



My time working behind the scenes in porn taught me a lot and one of them was how much effort went into making shower sex look good. If you aren’t filming a porno, then here’s some tips for the realistic side of shower sex.


What Not To Do: 


  • If your shower has limited hot water forget about it. Do something else – try a bath! Nothing like sex is cold water… teeth clattering is not fun, unless it’s summer and the cold water is relaxing. You also tend to tense up more when you use cold water.
  • Don’t wear makeup, you will regret it. Your face is bound to get wet, don’t wear it. In porn they work hard to make sure the face doesn’t get wet and fix it if it gets bad… A little makeup if you want is fine, but avoid a lot of makeup and mascara.. Nothing like getting wet mascara in your eye and then having to stop everything.


  • Don’t keep your hair down, long wet hair seems sexy. It’s wet, combed and draped around your shoulders, it’s just so sexy! Until you realize that sexy shower hair is really movie magic. So rather than risk looking for a wet dog, smacking somebody in the face or ending up with tangles that are out of this world, tie it up. Do a loose bun, put it in a pony tail, do two pony tails, make it into a braid.


  • Kneeling long term isn’t ideal, the floor is freaking hard, so don’t leave your partner on their knees for too long. If you’re in a tub, sit on the edge of the tub or move frequently so you and your partner aren’t stuck on the floor.


  • Don’t rush in with your clothes on, movie magic plays a part in making you think this is sexy. But have you ever tried to take off a sweaty sports bra or wet pants? Its freaking hard! The clothes become like a second skin, so use clothes that are loose if you choose to wear clothes. Stripping one another while the water is heating up is a great form of foreplay.


What To Do:


  • Clean up the shower, a little prep can go a long way! If you have a lot in your shower, clearing some of it out will help. The more space you the better luck you’ll have of not slipping on a rubber ducky.
  • Put the lube close by, water washes away natural lubricant, so it might not be as fun sans the lube. Silicone lasts great in water but is very slippery so make sure you don’t get it on the floor. Water based is a great option especially if you have sex toys you want to join you in the shower.
  • Have any toys you want close by, make sure they’re waterproof and charged! Nothing like a low battery to kill the mood!
  • Put towels near by so you can both leave when you’re ready.
  • Skip washing the hair! If you soap one another up, do just that and focus on getting that body nice and clean, the hair can be washed later.
  • Have steady footing, the best way to do this, so you don’t both slip is to keep both feet on solid ground. So use the edge of the tub with a leg propped up or use a foot step. These suction cup foot steps are great for shaving your legs and also letting your partner have full access to you!
  • Use a handle, they have suction cup handles. What’s great is the giver or receiver can use the handle for better footing. And nobody will question why you have these items in your shower!
  • Set the mood with music, they have waterproof speakers or your phone. Enjoy the moment and don’t be afraid to set the mood.


Water-Proof Sex Toy Recommendations:


Best Shower Sex Positions


Standing positions are some of the hardest, so take it slow and enjoy the moment. Don’t be afraid to move around if you feel you are losing grip in your stance.


Standing Doggy Style, with both feet on the floor, you can focus on one another. Have the receiver bent over with their face out of the water so it doesn’t drain down their face. Have the thruster move into the water with their back arched more so you don’t get water in the face.


A foot up, the receiver will have one foot on the step and hands on the handle or firmly against the walls as the thruster penetrates from behind. You can stand up more, so both of you are close together, and the step up opens up the reciever more while both hands on the wall give you support. It’s definitely an intimate position.


We’re goin down… Using the walls and your partner as a brace, have your partner go on the floor and straddle them and ride away!


( Keep in mind the floor is hard, so provide water proof padding or limit the time on their knees.)


While there’s  not a ton of positions for shower sex it’s not about that. Explore with toys, explore with each others bodies and enjoy the cascading water. 


Soap one another up (not the hair) by washing one another slowly. Worshipping one another’s bodies as you shower and enjoy it, caress it, let your hands glide. Pinch their nipples, bite their neck, scratch up their legs, buttocks and back.


It’s a closed intimate space and can be easy for the both of you to grow your intimacy. If it is shower sex though, remember it is a tight space so be sure to brush your teeth, let your partner have the best version of you.


Shower sex can be fun, use the lube, use the sex toys, prepare the shower and have fun!


You can enjoy the sex and then you can each shower and go on with your day. Its up to you and can be loads of fun. 


Be smart, be safe and enjoy it! 


Always uncensor your pleasure!


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