Working in a sex shop was a life changing event for me. It’s honestly what gave me my start in this industry. I may have started out as a dominatrix but it wasn’t until I got to working at a sex shop that I really discovered my passion, drive and love for the adult industry. 



Getting The Job



There’s no magical story as to how I entered into the adult industry, I just applied to an ad online that I got through craigslist. Craigslist has helped many people get in the industry, myself included. I responded to an ad looking for a cashier to work in a adult novelty shop must be 18 and up. I got an interview which went a little odd I will admit.


When I met my boss, he interviewed me, he was a little eccentric and bizarre in a way. It didn’t seem like he was really interested in the adult industry, it was more so like he was interested in other things and this was like a hobby for him. And I was right he actually was a tech guy who decided to start an adult business because he had done an adult website for a client.


He was more so interested in the money that the store could bring him, so he was always chasing the cheapest products and then bumping it up 2 1/2 times to sell it. And while that’s fine he really give me a great example of what I don’t want to be.


He really wasn’t a bad guy but whenever we tried to venture out and do some thing more with our lives, he always kind of made you feel bad for it. A good example was when I became a Certified Sex Educator. I include this story in here because, working at the shop is what made it possible.


One night I was working at the Tarzana location, (my primary store was the Sherman Oaks location) and I was reading an article in AVN. AVN comes out with these magazines and they do interviews and all sorts of stuff so I was just kind of grazing through it because the Tarzana store was always kind of slow, at least whenever I worked there it was.


So as I was going through it I was reading this interview about this woman who had become a Certified Sex Educator and she went into all these details about how she did it and everything else. After reading this I became super inspired and decided that it was exactly what I wanted for me. So I applied to the school and I got in and was stoked.


That became a journey in its own because I would work Monday through Friday and then on Fridays I would drive up from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and stay with my Uncle. I was lucky, I worked 6 days a week so my manager helped me out and covered those days for me.


I would arrive in the Bay Area about 4am in the morning 3am sometimes. And then I would sleep until about 7am, get ready and I would drive into the city and go to class on Saturdays and Sundays for about 12 hours a day.


It was a lot because Sunday I would go have dinner with my Uncle and then I would drive from the bay area that down to Los Angeles and go to work the next morning. So there was really not a break for me for quite a while, it was a lot to handle, but I’m so happy I did it, because it was worth it.


Going to school allowed me to expand my knowledge and my growth in the adult industry. I was able to implement what I had learned and help customers find products that work best for them. I got really good at selling products because I wasn’t selling a toy, I was selling an orgasm. And I still very much believe that I’m not selling you products to sell you a product. I strive to help find the product that works for you.



Work Time



Working in the sex shop was so interesting because I worked on a really busy Boulevard so I was never really alone. I didn’t have long periods of time where I just sat there doing nothing. Being bored wasn’t a thing, I was either exploring the toys and opening products to see how they worked.


And by how they worked I mean testing the buttons and batteries, nothing more. I would organize product and just work to educate myself on everything we had available in the store and all the ways you could use it.


When I wasn’t exploring product, I was helping customers. I would set up scenes for them to enjoy with their partner. We would pick out outfits, products and go over what they wanted and how to make it happen. I always worked to help people find what they were looking for.



I would get first timers, who wanted their first toy and I would help them discover what they wanted. I would help women who weren’t sure if they had an orgasm, discover their orgasm for the first time. I would help women who were widowed, freshly divorced or just lost at what they needed, find their orgasm. And that is an incredible feeling.


And when I wasn’t doing that I was stopping shoplifters. Here’s one of my favorite shoplifting stories because the guy was huge!


It was a busy Friday night, I had like 15 people in total inside the shop. In the corner where we had all of our male masturbators, there was this giant dude. I had access to the camera’s whenever I was at the register and when it was busy I would stay up there.


A lot of times I liked to interact with the customers, but with that many I needed to monitor and interact at the same time. It was just me at the store, we only had one person per shift, sometimes an overlap of 30 minutes but never more than that.


So I’ve got couples asking questions, I got people wandering around, others wanting to check out and this 6’5″ dude in the corner. As I’m answering questions I take a glance at the screen and watch him try to discreetly shove this huge light up masturbator into his pants. He even put it in the front… like I wouldn’t notice.


All I had to protect me was pepper spray, I had no body guard, just me. He decides to walk right in front of me, I guess it’s to try to act normal? So I grab the pepper spray and stop him in front of the line, in front of my register and grow the biggest fakest confidence I’ve ever had to have. I’m 5’7″ so this dude has almost 10 inches on me, and I’m staring at him just hoping he would give in.


He didn’t… not right away. I think he thought he could play it off… so I told him ‘Dude… I saw you, can you pull my masturbator out of your pants…’ I didn’t even bother asking him to pay because I knew he wasn’t going to… his focus was on stealing it… and in front of everybody, he pulled it out. The masturbator, he pulled the masturbator out.


I got a round of applause for calling him out, and finished checking out my customers. There wasn’t time to call cops, there wasn’t time to do anything but just hope he had the decency to hand it over or I was willing to pepper spray him.


I dealt with quite a few shoplifters, and it was intense. I would literally hear the rustle of the product and they’d pop up with nothing in their hands. Like I was clueless, I would have them open their bags and bam! Surprise surprise, there would be the product. Don’t steal sex toys! You have hands if you can’t afford them!


Despite the chaos, I had a lot of good times at that shop. I got to help so many people uncensor their pleasure and it was an absolute blast. I learned so much and I was growing and learning. It was what inspired me to keep going and get into the adult industry. I worked at that shop until it closed, and it holds a lot of memories for me.


But here’s some etiquette if you ever go into a shop.


Sex Shop Etiquette



  • Don’t make sex jokes. We’ve heard them all, opening with a sex joke just makes us give you a fake laugh and a little uncomfortable.


  • Do NOT open products. We will show you the product, we will show you the toy, but if you open and damage the box and then don’t buy it, it ruins it for the next potential buyer. Just ask us.


  • Have patience. We don’t know all the answers, but we do try and we do want to give you the right answer but it takes time sometimes to make sure we have the right answer for you.


  • We are people too. We may work in the adult industry, we may love what we do, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have morales or ethics. You can’t assume we’ll sleep with you, you can’t assume were kinky, we are a person aside from our job.


  • We deserve respect. We work hard, we have to deal with an array of personalities and people. A lot of people feel they can fly their freak flag around us. And while I think you should and I’m all for it, just know we also have boundaries. Wave your freak flag while respecting us and who we are.


Just a side note: Not everybody is educated in product the way I am and some others are. While you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, your best bet is to google what you’re looking.


Ask a professional like me and understand that sometimes a sex shop employee is just an employee. And that’s okay!


I started this blog because I wanted the opportunity to continue to help people that were more than just in my immediate area. I want to help you no matter where you are and that’s why I love so much of what I do.


When I was working at the sex shop one of the biggest most difficult things was figuring out the sex toys as much fun as they are they can be really really confusing.


I’ve always loved helping others find their orgasm it’s always been something I really enjoyed, and I’m really grateful to the sex shop because without working there I wouldn’t be where I am today.


I love where I am, I love that I get to help people and help them thrive and expand and grow their sexual pleasure. It’s so incredible to have somebody find their pleasure and know that you helped them discover what it means to them.


So that was my experience working in a sex shop. Taking down thief’s, expanding my knowledge and helping people uncensor their pleasure!



Uncensor Your Pleasure


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