Gettin’ older doesn’t mean that you can’t get down. What it does mean however is that the body may need more help gettin’ down and gettin’ up, if you get what I’m saying. So here’s sex products for seniors, so you can get it on.



According to AARP, nearly 40% of people ages 65-80 are sexually active, quite an impressive amount. And thanks to healthday, we found out that seniors have sex once a month but would prefer it  more often. 


It seems age doesn’t seem to diminish your sex drive, it just dampers your body’s abilities to be super flexible.  As the body ages, it can be harder to do things, but sex products make all this a billion times easier. If you have any serious medical issues or questions, please consult with your doctor first.


Sex Furniture

Sex Toys For Seniors


Sex furniture is exactly what it states in the name, furniture made for sex. With a variety of shapes and types, you can easily find a position that will give you and your partner easy access.


Sex Swings

Sex Toys For Seniors


They allow for easy access, they can be put and taken down without a lot of work. You can control how fast or slow you go and you have position options.



Wedges & Stools

Sex Toys For Seniors


Wedges are pillows, typically triangular, they allow for you to prop up parts of your body for easy access.


Stools go over the desired area, the person whose penetration lays on the floor, the person getting penetrated sits on the stools and then can gently bounce as desired.




Sex Toys For Seniors


The wetter, the better! And with age, the mental desire may be there but sometimes the body can take a moment to catch up. Lubricant should be used all the time!


Water Based Lubricant

Sex Toys For Seniors


Water based lubricant is great if you’re using silicone based sex toys or have vaginal penetrative sex.



Hybrid Lubricant

Sex Toys For Seniors


This is a combination lubricant, it’s typically got a water based lubricant in it and is mixed with another lubricant, such as silicone or coconut. Hybrid is great for penetrative play and can last longer than water based lubricant.



Silicone Lubricant

Sex Toys For Seniors


Silicone lubricant is great for those who want to do anal play, if you’re more on the dry side and really want to be super lubricated or if you do any water play. Silicone is excellent for that, just avoid using it with your sex toys.




Sex Toys For Seniors


From lasting longer to increasing your sensitivity, stimulants can really help your sex life! Before using any of these, please talk with your doctor.


Penis Delay Sprays


These sprays will numb the head of penis just enough to help you last longer in bed. When you apply it you want to be sure to let it dry, or you could end up numbing your partner as well.



Clitoral Stimulants

Sex Toys For Seniors


Clitoral stimulants can come in a variety of forms, they make the clitoris more sensitive which can make orgasm easier.



Pump It Up

Sex Toys For Seniors


It happens to everybody with a penis, it can be a little difficult to get it up. That’s totally okay and shouldn’t hold you back! I’ve provided penis pump and cock ring options to help you get it up and keep it up.

The penis pump is used to drag blood to the penis to create a hard-on, the cock ring helps you keep the hard-on by preventing the blood flowing away from the penis.


Penis Pumps

Sex Toys For Seniors


A penis pump will drag blood into the penis, creating a more erect and harder penis. Just don’t forget to get yourself a cock ring, while the penis pump brings the blood into the penis, the cock ring will make sure it lasts.



Cock Rings

Sex Toys For Seniors


If you have trouble keeping the erection up, a cock ring could be just what you need! A cock ring will prevent the blood from flowing out and help you keep it up. You can use a cock ring without using a penis pump, this will help increase the girth of the penis and help keep the penis erect.



All these products can help enhance and liven up your sex life. Don’t let your age be an excuse as to why you aren’t makin it happen in the bedroom! Have fun, be safe and enjoy your life, including your sex life. And always always consult a doctor with any medical questions you may have.


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


Side Note: Links attached are from my store or an affiliate, which helps support my site. These opinions are 100%  truthful and mine. I only recommend what I believe in.

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