Satisfyer Pro 2 Sex Toy Review

how to use satisfyer pro 2

I’ve written the ‘How To Use Satisfyer Pro 2’ and done a video on ‘How To Use Satisfyer Pro 2’, now it’s time to review. 
Get my real and down right naughty opinion on what I think about this toy. 
Before I dive into it let’s do a quick break down on the toy. 



  • Rechargeable: Yes


  • Waterproof: Yes 


  • Material: ABS Plastic with a silicone head.


  • Lube: Water-based 


  • Warranty: Yes


  • Price: $49.95


Complexity / User Friendly 

 It’s not a hard toy to understand, the instructions are kind of frustrating. But I’ve got you covered on everything you could want to know about the Satisfyer Pro 2 here. 
User Friendly
 The buttons are big and easy to understand. You use the same button to turn it on and off and the plus and minus sign to control the intensity. It’s also easy to charge and because of all of this I think it’s quite user friendly. 

Orgasm Achieved




How Was The Orgasm? 

I got myself all comfy, like a semi erect cock, I was semi ready. I just needed a little bit of revvin’ to get it goin. 
So I turned on a little romantic music, dimmed my lights and turned on the toy. 
Turning the toy on level 1-2, I traced it down  my neck, around my nipples, through my erogenous zones. Oh me… Oh my… Talk about turned on! 
I honestly thought it would tickle me, but it didn’t. It intrigued me, it seduced me, it turned me on. The sensation on my nipples, brought me to the brink of wanting to touch myself, but I refrained. 
Simply so I could use the toy instead of my hand. The way it felt though, I seriously can’t get over it. It was incredible and just thinking about it makes me swoon. 
Then I turned the toy onto my clit, it took a minute to figure it out. I only had one head option so I wanted to make sure I got the head over my clit just right. 
Thankfully the head was the right one for me. I spread my labia with my other hand slowly circled the toy over my clit until I got it where I wanted it. 
Once I found that sweet spot, oh my god… I turned it down to level one cause it was super intense. 
As I adjusted to the sensation, which was quite unique in a great way. I bumped it up to a level 2 which pushed me completely over the edge. 
The orgasm was super intense, it was truly incredible. I mean, the orgasms that I get from the Satisfyer Pro 2… they’re incredible. 



  • Easy to use
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to clean
  • Big buttons that make it clear to use in any circumstance. 




  • No travel lock 
  • Only one silicone head option
  • Confusing instructions



This toy is a yes from me! I sincerely enjoy it, I encourage you to really explore with it. I haven’t had a chance to take it to an erect shaft just yet but I look forward to doing so. 
The toy is focused on air flow, a thrumming sensation is created to surround the clit when the head is placed on. So turning the toy up a few levels and then tracing it over other parts of the body is truly enjoyable. 
Keep in mind this toy is intense, even on level 1 if you have a super sensitive clit this might not be the toy for you. But it’s definitely a fun toy.
I totally recommend this toy. If you are interested in it, you can buy Satisfyer Pro 2 here. 

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