Much like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is it’s competitor and heres my review! You may remember the penguin that came out around the same time as the womanizer and also like the womanizer made huge waves! So is the Pro 2 all it lives up too?



satisfyer toy review
satisfyer toy review
satisfyer toy review
satisfyer toy review


Quick Summary

satisfyer pro sex toy review


The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a detachable silicone head and a decent battery. It’s levels allow for you to enjoy a variety of speeds and intensities. While it’s price point is attractive, it’s the price point combined with what it can do that really have made people notice it.


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Satisfyer Pro Features

satisfyer pro sex toy review


Material: Silicone head with an ABS plastic handle


Vibrations: 11


Waterproof: Yes


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions

satisfyer pro sex toy review


My first impressions of the product, were that it was really just the toy, simple and that’s it. The box was slim, I knew the toy was inside but it was still just a simple box. And while it’s a simple box it’s very much a what you see is what you get.


Now if I compare it to the womanizer, then yes it lacks. You don’t get a bag, you get a charger and the toy. The womanizer also includes two head options for the toy, it wasn’t until I decided to see if I could yank the head off to clean it properly that I discovered you could remove it.


However, it did have the charging cord and had a little charge…. The one thing I hated that confused me were the instructions. No matter how you twist it, the instructions were terrible, while it was a reflection on how to use the toy, it wasn’t a reflection on the quality of the toy.


My Experience

satisfyer pro sex toy review


Overall, the orgasm was absolutely incredible. Let’s start from the beginning though, the instructions were a little confusing which was really quite frustrating. However, thanks to previous experiences, I was able to figure it out. I really had to maneuver it on my clit to get it to the right spot.


Buut that’s where things got a little tricky. I wanted it in place before I just dived in and let it go wild… so in my haste I put it where I wanted it, only to realize I didn’t know how to turn it on properly…


So then I had to figure out how to turn it on, did I take a moment to figure out how to turn it off? Nope, I figured out the turn on, turn up/down and figured that was all I needed. Yes I can be inpatient as well.


Once I had that figured, I put it at the lowest and twitched until I got it were I wanted. Then I just kind of let my body feel the toy, it was such a new sensation in that regard.


And once my clit was like ‘oh wait what?!’ the orgasm just kind of took off and literally was so intense I was shaking. Not just shaking but sweating shaking and panting. And yes, it happened it a matter of seconds… It was one of the most intense and fast orgasms I’ve ever had, I just sat there going ‘what the ever living fuck just happened?’.


My orgasms are like pringles, once I pop I just don’t stop… However that was such an intense orgasm, I was happily sated and unable to move after one. I followed this incredible orgasm up with a good ol nap.


I normally enjoy level 3 on most toys, with this particular toy however, I didn’t get past level 1. I think it’s just the way it’s situated, its way more intense that’s for sure and is a very different sensation. I wasn’t numbed out either after using and just all around enjoyed the toy.


Satisfyer Pro Performance

satisfyer pro sex toy review


The battery took forever to charge… which is what Satisfyer is kind of known for… But it did last as long as I assume a toy of that type should last.
The controls weren’t the easiest to access, just with the position and if you don’t know how to feel them it can be a little frustrating.
Holding it was easy however, the shape of the toy was easy to hold. It was comfortable and fit in my hand in a way that I could totally hold it for hours.
It didn’t diminish in power when I placed on my clit, which I very much appreciate. It does have some noise level though but it’s really not that bad.

Overall, it honestly wasn’t terrible.


Pros & Cons

satisfyer pro sex toy review



  • Strength
  • Intensity Options
  • Easy Hold Handle
  • Price


  • Charge Time
  • One Silicone Head Option
  • No Travel Lock
  • No Travel Bag


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

satisfyer pro sex toy review


When asking if it’s worth the money, you have to compare. What are we comparing though? Its the Womanizer vs Satisfyer Pro 2. They are super similar in their product, and I do feel that the price is fair. No you don’t get a second silicone head which you can purchase if you desire. However I do feel that the quality of the toy compares, and is worth the price.


Lube Recommendation

satisfyer pro sex toy review



Cleaning Satisfyer Pro

satisfyer pro sex toy review


Cleaning isn’t hard, what is hard is taking the head of the toy off. You have to twist and pull and it is a little hard… however once you get the head off then you clean the silicone head and then put the tip of the actual toy under the water turn it on and let it rinse.


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Satisfyer Pro Alternatives

satisfyer pro sex toy review



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