From the California Dreamin’ line you have the Santa Cruz Coaster by Cal Exotics. It’s tilted to hit that G-spot, it thrusts and has a clitoral tickler! So did it rock my world? Find out below



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Quick Summary



The Santa Cruz Coaster is a thrusting rabbit with a fluttering clitoral stimulator.


Santa Cruz Coaster Features



Material: Silicone


Thrusting Levels: Three


Waterproof: Yes


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions



When I saw the Santa Cruz Coaster thrust, I was all for it, and the thrusting wasn’t weak. The shaft worried me a little because there isn’t a lot of padding, so I was curious how that would feel. The flutter with the clitoral stimulator seemed really strong and overall I was just excited to dive into what the Santa Cruz Coaster had to offer.


Santa Cruz Coaster Goal



This toy is meant to stimulate the G-spot while thrusting in and out of the vagina. The clitoral stimulator is meant to assist in stimulating the clitoral at the same time as the thrusting. What’s cool about this toy is that you push the clitoral stimulator where you want it and let the thruster do it’s work.


It helps take out of a lot of the work with it comes to using rabbits, it thrusts for you so you don’t have to! And it lets you consistently keep the stimulator where it’s at the whole time so you can induce orgasm sooner.


My Experience



I was warmed up and ready to use this rabbit, it was my first thrusting toy. I decided to go ahead and turn on the thruster before pushing it inside me. I thought, oooh I could tease myself by letting it inch inside! And well uh… alright. So I got it inside, it wasn’t as comfortable was I would’ve hoped..


Immediately the clitoral stimulator was in the wrong place and was actually a little rough against my vagina. It was a little rough and just below my clitoris.. so I turned on the clitoral stimulator and I will admit it felt good, even with it not being on my clitoris, the stimulation was there.


It was bulky having the g-spot inside me, it just felt awkward… so I tried to get the clitoral stimulator to where I wanted it and it wasn’t working. I physically pulled back the entire clitoral stimulator and it just wouldn’t stay where I needed it to.


The thrusting and bulky g-spot where not hitting it. So I tried adjusting downwards and then upwards, no matter how I adjusted it, it wasn’t working.


Santa Cruz Coaster Performance



The buttons weren’t clear, so hitting and knowing what to hit were the hardest part. But the battery life was there and that’s a huge bonus for me.


It was noisy, like there was not muting the rabbit. If you need to keep the noise down, this definitely is not the toy for you. I could care less, because it’s not a stupid loud noise but it’s on the medium noise aspect.


The thrusting aspect was frustrating, I felt like the handle was thrusting and nothing was thrusting inside me. Like the inserted part wasn’t really thrusting inside me and the clitoral stimulator had to be turned on or it hurt.


Pros & Cons




  • Thrusts
  • Thrusts so clitoral stimulator can stay in spot
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 3 Thrusting speeds


  • Small vagina to clitoral gap
  • Not a super strong thruster
  • Noisy


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?



If you have a smaller vagina to clitoral gap, then this toy would be great for you! For somebody who has a larger gap, its not for me. The thrusting is there, the toy just wasn’t working for me. I would say a no overall, but if you know your vagina and have a small vaginal to clitoral gap, this would be perfect for you.


Cleaning Santa Cruz Coaster



It was super easy to clean, I literally submerged the entire rabbit and then soaped it up. I made sure to soap up the ridges and around it, it’s very pliable so it was easy to clean.





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