The rose made waves with it’s design, people have adored it! But is the rose all that and more? Find out with my sex toy review on the Rose by Inya.



Suction Vibe





Quick Summary

rose sex toy review


This toy has a unique shape and combined one of the newest toys, the suction like feature. So let’s see if it’s living up to all the hype out there!


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Rose Features

rose sex toy review


Material: Silicone


Vibrations: 7


Waterproof: No


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions

rose sex toy review


When the Rose by Inya arrived, I was impressed by the modern look. It’s simple and tells you what it is without screaming that it’s a sex toy. The packaging is honestly just nice.
Because of the size of the toy I was hoping it would come with a bag. Despite those who want it on display, no bag makes it hard to travel.
The charger is cute, it was really thought through, because it continues to keep the toy on display.

Rose Goal

rose sex toy review


The goal of this toy is clitoral stimulation. While a variety of other toys are great to use in other places and can be quite versatile, that’s not this case. This toy because of the design is very pinpointed for just clitoral stimulation.


You may be able to get away with enjoy some nipple stimulation.. you can try..


My Experience

rose sex toy review


I was not expecting what I got with the Rose by Inya. So it says that it’s a suction vibe on the box, and the way they get away with that is, it actually can create a suction. Does it suck? No, other toys like the womanizer and satisfyer pro, they actually blow/suck on the clitoris.


This particular toy however focuses on vibrating, the suction is there when you’re turned on and it gets the clitoris all up in the rose.


However, having a vibration on just the clitoris wasn’t bad. I admit the bulkiness of the rose was a little frustrating. You’re pulling your labia aside and really maneuvering it into that spot to get it where you want it.


However, it is worth it. My orgasm was really intense, it was worth the little bit of trouble the toy gives you. I did thoroughly enjoy the rose, was it an ultimate orgasm? No, however I would use the rose again, it was fun and I did enjoy it.

Rose Performance

rose sex toy review


There’s only one button, so if you keep track of where it’s at on the toy, you’re find. The problem with one button is you have to either cycle through or turn the toy off then back on to start over.


When it comes to the strength though, I would say it was there.. Was it really intense? No, but the strength wasn’t anything shabby and does give you an orgasm. When it comes to noise, it’s quite quiet. My guess is that it’s quiet because the silicone surrounding, keeps it super quiet.


Holding the Rose isn’t that hard, is it super convenient though? I wouldn’t say so, because if you struggle with holding toys for any variety of reasons, this probably isn’t for you. Between that and having to be particular with where the toy goes, I do feel that it wouldn’t work for those who struggle with movement.


The battery does last though, and I did enjoy the orgasm. It’s definitely a novelty toy that you can use and does work but I wouldn’t add it to my top 10.


Pros & Cons

rose sex toy review



  • Stylish so its easy to hide and disguise.
  • Vibrates
  • Rechargeable


  • Splash proof
  • Odd shape
  • Doesn’t actually have a suction function


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Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

rose sex toy review


This one is a tie for me.. while I do feel that if you want the novelty of this toy then yes! Go for it, and enjoy the orgasm because you can accomplish it.


However, if you want a toy with more to give you, then you can spend the exact same on another toy. And you can find one that fits your needs and wants. It may not look like a rose, but it will get you what you want.


Ultimately it comes down to, if you want to say, you have a rose suction vibe. And that really is a choice you have to make for yourself.


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Lube Recommendations

rose sex toy review

With this toy, you want to use water-based lube. It’s made all of silicone, so you want to use silicone lube.

Cleaning Rose

rose sex toy review

The Rose is splash-proof, so you can clean it thoroughly but you ‘ve got to be careful. I soap up all the petals and the ‘bud’ and gently rub the soap in. After I’m content with it, I rinse it off carefully and then just make sure it’s clean. I like to let it air dry, so I do.


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Rose Alternatives

rose sex toy review



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