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Aug 24

Lube Life Lubricant Review

Lube Life, is this lubricant all the life you need to revive your sex life? Does it add that extra yum that you and your partner need? Will it help …

Aug 10
Sex Toy Reviews

California Dreamin Santa Cruz Coaster | Sex Toy Review

From the California Dreamin’ line you have the Santa Cruz Coaster by Cal Exotics. It’s tilted to hit that G-spot, it thrusts and has a clitoral tickler! So did it …

Apr 26
Sex Toy Reviews

Le Wand Sex Toy Review | Does the Le Wand Have The Magic You Desire?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Magic Wand, but have you heard of Le Wand? Does it really compete the famous Magic Wand? I’ll tell you what I think! Here’s …

Apr 12
Sex Toy Reviews

Dark Desire by Satisfyer Review | Will It Satisfy Your Every Desire?

The Dark Desire by Satisfyer is a fat bullet with a ribbed side, for your pleasure! Sleek in size and color, lets find out if it’s just what you need …

Mar 15
Sex Toy Reviews

On Ice Arousal Review | So cooling it heats you up.

The On Ice Arousal is a clitoral stimulator, not just a regular one however. This clitoral stimulant brings a cooling aspect the clit! And here’s what I thought of the …

Mar 01
Sex Toy Reviews

Le Wand Petite Review | A wand unlike any other.

The Le Wand Petite is a version of the original size Le Wand, It’s got all the wonder of the larger size, but does it really? Here’s my Le Wand …

Feb 22
Sex Toy Reviews

Doxy Wand Review | The little Doxy that could.

The Doxy is truly my version of a love/hate relationship. Well, I guess you could say more of a love/disappointment relationship. So here it is, my Doxy wand sex toy …

Feb 10
Sex Toy Reviews

Rose Sex Toy Review | Is it the everlasting rose?

The rose made waves with it’s design, people have adored it! But is the rose all that and more? Find out with my sex toy review on the Rose by …

Jan 18
Sex Toy Reviews

Tango Review | Will it make you dance in delight?

The Tango by WeVibe is a lipstick style bullet. It’s power when seen bouncing around is impressive! But is the hype all it seems?   Over 80 percent of people …

Jan 04
Sex Toy Reviews

Satisfyer Pro 2 Review | Is it the Pro 2 Satisfy you?

Much like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is it’s competitor and heres my review! You may remember the penguin that came out around the same time as the womanizer …

Nov 09
Sex Toy Reviews

Mini Halo Review | Is it orgasmic?

The Mini Halo Review, is it truly orgasmic? Is this toy worth the money and does it really have that bang they claim it does? Well let’s find out if …