The On Ice Arousal is a clitoral stimulator, not just a regular one however. This clitoral stimulant brings a cooling aspect the clit! And here’s what I thought of the On Ice Arousal.


Fact, it takes 11-12 minutes for somebody with a vagina to get turned on and ready to roll, according to web md.


Topical/ Clitoral Stimulant





Quick Summary

on ice female arousal review

Ice On Arousal is a cooling stimulant meant to increase sensitivity for the clitoris. The cooling factor makes it seem as though the clitoris is enjoying an icy cool sensation.


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On Ice Features

on ice female arousal review


Active ingredient: Peppermint oil


Free of: menthol, l-arginine, glycerin, parabens and fragrance free


How long does it work: It works for 45 mins and you can reapply if needed.


Waterproof: No, but  I would say its splash proof.


Oral sex friendly? Yes – you can have oral sex 


First Impressions

on ice female arousal review


It’s a cute and simple bottle. The bright colors let you know what it is so you aren’t hunting for it. Its compact size is great for discretion so you can keep in your drawer without worrying about it taking up space or being super obvious.


The compact size is also great for travel, you can toss it into your toiletry bag and go along your merry way. You also get a pretty decent amount in comparison to how much is typically used.


On Ice Goal

on ice female arousal review


Meant for clitoral stimulation, the On Ice Arousal creates a pulsating, cooling sensation. By doing this, it makes it easier for you to have a clitoral orgasm.


This is great for those who don’t have super sensitive clitoris’ or who struggle with orgasming, this may be just the push that you need.


You can use it by yourself for solo play or you can use it with a partner.


My Experience

on ice female arousal review


I started off with about half of a pea size and gently massaged it into my clitoris. I was honestly blown away by how quickly I reacted to it. I suggest starting off with a half pea size then adding more after a few minutes, the first time you use it so you can discover the perfect dosage for you.


I was absolutely blown away by how well it worked. Air just hitting my clitoris felt incredible, it’s definitely not a product to put on before a first date. After I had enjoyed my easy-come orgasms, I was still feeling it. I mean after all playing with your clitoris makes you sensitive as it is, this just adds to it.


I loved the cooling affect and was truly just all about it. What was fun was honestly just how sensitive my bud became, it was like the affect just blossomed through my entire vagina.


I love it, it’s one I recommend, and would recommend again and again. It’s fun to use and it adds a level of extra that I sometimes need. It can be hard to get out of your head at times and by creating that extra sensitivity, your focus goes from ‘what do I need to do tomorrow’ to ‘Oh my! This feels amazing…’


On Ice Performance

on ice female arousal review


This product did exactly what I expected it to do. Make my clitoris sensitive in the most delicious way! And it didn’t fade fast, so the overall experience was very sexually consuming.


This is not something that you can use and then just put on jeans after.. I was left a little sensitive and if I’m being honest it was little arousing, which was delightful.


It worked quickly, lasted a decently long time and the intensity of it was enjoyable the whole time.


Pros & Cons

on ice female arousal review



  • Works quickly
  • Feels cooling
  • Lasts a decently long time


  • Not good for a quickie
  • Leaves you a little sensitive after


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

on ice female arousal review


I think it is, with all that it provides, it’s worth it. I recommend it, it’s totally worth the try, if you want to have a more sensitive clitoris for whatever reason. Just plan it for a night in when you can let your body enjoy it to the max.


Final Thoughts

on ice female arousal review

I really enjoyed On Ice Arousal, it’s fun, it’s intense in the right way and does exactly what you want. I do suggest and recommend it, it can take your sex life to a whole new level. So if you want to give it a try and have a little fun, just click the link below. They also have a warming version and then a regular version without the cooling or heating affect. I’d absolutely call this an orgasm booster.

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on ice female arousal review

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