It’s all over Netflix and it’s the steamiest hottest newest erotic show based off a sexy steamy erotica. Sex Life. So is it porn with a good storyline? 


The following content contains spoilers. 



Movie Synopsis


Netflix sex life review


Here’s my synopsis of sex and life, this is a book turned Netflix show. About a woman who was a bad boy lovin’ sex freak turned housewife. This show goes on to prove the age old saying ‘you can’t turn a ho into a housewife’. Joining the Jones and the Stepford wives club created a nightmare she thought wanted but never truly desired.


The twist? She has the ultimate husband, sweet, loyal and hardworking, but don’t worry! She’s got to mess it all up because of a dry spell. Taking her white picket fence and burning it down. Doing it in complete denial she burns her life down all because of a pre housewife fun time boy, she decided would be better than her current life. 



We open to a steamy scene, public sex, which ends up being a really amazing memory. My biggest issue with this is that she’s breast feeding when she snaps back into reality because her adorable son is asking her a question. Off the bat it makes it seem as though breast feeding is erotic, but I figured a one incident wouldn’t be so terrible


The Issues


Netflix sex life review


However further into the show we see her enjoying an erotic fantasy from her past life only to be snapped back into reality by breast feeding… again. It happens multiple times throughout the show, so let me clear something up.


Breastfeeding is NOT sexual, there is zero sexual intent behind breastfeeding a baby. There is no turn on, there is arousal, it’s feeding time baby! 


In all honesty, I liked that they showed breastfeeding, we need to normalize breastfeeding in public. However, I do feel it could’ve been done during alternate times in the show. The way they portray is super misleading. 


This isn’t the only misleading issue that occurs in the show though…


Kitchen sex, in the first episode we see her husband reading her dairy and seeing her fantasies written down then he bends her over the counter and goes at! I read a lot of erotica’s, so consent is done a little differently in books.


I have a feeling this scene was consensual however it was portrayed as though it wasn’t. A line could’ve been slipped in where her husband goes ‘is this what you want’ and she begs for it… but they don’t do that until they’re already in it and yes, she does beg for it. 


Would I call this non-consensual sex? Honestly no… because she was begging for it and even went so far as to brag about it to her bestie. The bragging is what seals the deal with me, on just how epic her morning sex was.


This totally misleads you to think non-consensual sex can become desirable. Let me be clear, if your partner doesn’t want it, they don’t want it. Porn and Hollywood are a well crafted fantasy. 





He read her dairy and that really pissed me off, it was a total non-consensual violation of her privacy. This all started because her husband was being a snoop… granted she needed to discuss her issues with her husband.  But we wouldn’t have the show if she hadn’t left her computer around and unlocked for the hubs to snoop into her very devious thoughts. 


How does she convey her emotions so perfectly in journal but can’t communicate in her relationship? This whole thing really revolves around Billy’s (the main character) inability to communicate. Her inability to communicate leaves you wondering if this is what she wants because she fails to communicate things to stop it.


If you are unsatisfied in your marriage and you aren’t telling your partner, it’s on YOU!  Your partner can’t read your mind and may be so stressed out that they don’t realize it. It’s up to you to make them realize these things.


Only you can tell them that you aren’t feeling a connection to them, that you feel your sex life is lacking and you both need to try to make it work. But you can’t fix a problem you aren’t aware of, even if you think they are, one of you has to bring it up.


Great sex happens when you communicate and express your desires with one another. That’s the only way it’s going to work. You have to tell them what you want, what you like and what you’re interested in trying. 


And of course, if Billy had done this, we honestly wouldn’t have a show. So while I feel that she does need to learn to express her desires with her husband, it also makes the show. 


The Hottest Scenes


Netflix sex life review


She got herself a footlong in the subway and not the way you think. He drags her into the subway, down an empty tunnel and as a train comes he thrusts her against a small square in the tunnel wall. They both get so hot after this barely missed suicide attempt that they rip off each others clothes and become a blurred sex scene for anybody who may catch a glance.


In all honesty, it’s a no. The panic and curiosity of that scene was enough to take me out of the mood. There’s no putting me in that mood after that scene, I’d be racing out of that shit show so fast.


The physical version of Xanax before meeting mama. On their way to meet his mom, Billy expresses her nerves which are totally understandable. So Brad (the bad boy lover) decides to help her relax. And in the elevator he slips two fingers under her skirt and gets her goin til shes there or until the elevator opens. She orgasms all over his fingers and he licks it off like a popsicle on a hot day.


Now I don’t know about you, but I am not Eleanor from Gone in Sixty Seconds. You can’t just stick it up and oh snap it’s an orgasm! It’s completely unreasonable honestly, she had all of one elevator ride to express her emotion and get finger fucked into bliss? This doesn’t even touch reality! And if he had just revved the engine and not gone all the way… I would be pissed personally to not be able to finish.


Billy wasn’t suppose to find out…. that Cooper’s (her husband) client was suppose to be out of town when he took her on a hot date. The date was sweet, they were reconnecting and Cooper wanted to keep it going. Taking her to one of his clients houses they strip down and go at in the pool.


At one point we pan out and see her head back, knees up as he eats her out on a little ledge they have in this fancy ass pool. Then the client turns his lights on and chases them out, they run ass naked to the car. Then a cop chases them and Cooper outruns the cop, realistic? Nope, but was it hot? Absolutely!


That spa scene… This isn’t sexual, but in one giant way it soooooo is. After Cooper stalks Brad to see what all the hype is, he goes into the community shower with him.. both of them are stripped down and showering.


Brad turns around and we get to see his penis, his big ol one eyed snake, his wham bam I fucked her man. I mean call the police, I’m pretty sure his penis has been used in at least one or two murder cases. It was massive, and yes I confirmed. That was all Adam Demos actual penis.


But can I just say that I feel Cooper had the better ass, like the perfect man has Brads penis and Coopers ass in my opinion. Cause I could not stop oogling his booty.


There are so many other sex scenes that happen, these are just the few that come to mind. It’s definitely a steamy sexy show.



Is It Realistic?


Netflix sex life review


Ok so let’s talk about two things that make you question if it’s real or not.


Billy and Cooper go to a sex party with their couple friends in a weird attempt to spice up their sex life and save their marriage.. and it does not go down the way you’d want it to.


So I used to help run sex parties, it was a beautiful blend of BDSM and swingers and it was a ton of fun. The scene in Sex Life however was quite laughable and I mean that sincerely, it made me laugh hard. 


You CANNOT just walk into a a sex party, you have to first meet with the person who runs it, get a break down of the rules. And yes, there are rules at sex parties! On top of that, you have to sign waivers and typically non-disclosure’s, after all people don’t want their deviousness spread all over town (which is what happens in the show).


In addition to that, you sometimes have to go get tested before you can go to the party, you are after all engaging in sex. 


A lot of people start out by watching, some like to join in right away, it does depend on who you are. However, you want the consent of both people, if somebody is in a partnership it’s expected you get approval from both before performing any sexual acts.


And you don’t just cum in somebody’s mouth, you use a condom. I can’t speak for other parties but the ones I helped with, condoms were mandatory to engage in penetration of anything.


Not everybody has the body of a model…. It’s a lot of people looking to explore and expand, we don’t judge you based off your body, but you see what real bodies look like. I do wish they’d used real people not just ‘hollywood’ ideals. Because you see these amazing people just nude and exerting all this beautiful sexual energy and it’s fuckin hot.


I would say that scene is way more unrealistic, you are never able to just enter… what if somebody came by you didn’t want to? Exactly… that scene would not happen that way in real life.


The Coital Alignment Technique, when we zoomed in, it looked as though he was makin love to her belly button. It was an interesting scene that came with intriguing narrating. Expressing her deep pleasure and enjoyment of this position which seemed like missionary, we learn it’s the CAT position, also known as the Coital Alignment Technique.


Is that how the position goes? For TV purposes they go close and yes that’s how it goes. It’s a position that’s mean to stimulate in such a way it creates an orgasm. So I’m breaking it all down for you in my next article so you can see what all of the hype is about.


Was It Worth It?


Netflix sex life review


I love a good show with a lot of sex, that’s just who I am. As far as sex with a good storyline, I’d say its honestly not terrible. It’s intriguing and you want to slap Billy, so yes. Any show that gets you riled up and makes you get involved in my opinion is worth watching.


Does this make it porn with a storyline? No, because you do get so emotionally involved, I feel it’s more a good show with a LOT of sex.


The sex scenes are absolutely spicy and a lot of fun to watch. So I would recommend it, just know you get a lot more than you probably bargained for. Netflix definitely lets their freak flag fly and you see a lot more than you do even Outlander.


Its a show with yummy characters that make you go ‘oh…. I want to do that’, but I don’t suggest watching it around anybody you don’t feel comfortable with. You’ll both be hot and bothered!


Fun Fact: The lead Sara Shahi and her hot costar Adam Demos in the show are dating in real life. What I find more intriguing is her saying she’s found her forever… I sometimes feel like actors get wrapped up in the character and that creates this chemistry that is there for the show but after the show when it’s done and over… so is the relationship they cultivated as they settle back into their day to day life.


There’s a 7 year age gap and while I don’t think that’s a concern, Adam’s career is about to take off, and he is one yummmy man. So we will see if they are meant to last or now.


Until then, we get to watch them on screen and put their steamy moments in our spank bank for later. So go on and re-watch or start watching and enjoy it for what it is. Sex with a storyline.


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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