Choke the chicken, tickle the pickle, Spank the monkey, buffin the muffin…. No matter what you call, the goal is the orgasm. 



92% of men masturbate and 76% of women masturbate in America, according to PR Newswire. 


Masturbating has gotten a bad wrap though and has never been highly encouraged. So before I dive into why you should masturbate, here’s a few facts about sex and masturbation. 


Humans weren’t always prudes, if we go back to 1752 there was a club called the Benison Beggars. They would greet one another with a cock to cock tap and then all masturbate into the same bowl. 


A clay figurine from the 4th millennium BC is shown grabbing his hard erection clearly yanking it in delight. People weren’t always ashamed to show their bodies, people delighted in their pleasure, in their bodies and relished the erotic joy it could bring. 


Mankind started creating erotic cartoons when they could figure it out, with evidence as early back as 1524 A.D., it’s human nature to be horny!


Health Benefits Of Masturbating



When thinking about health, masturbating doesn’t come first to mind. You think about eating healthy, your weight, working out, living an active lifestyle, this is what you consider health.


But your sexual health contributes a lot to your mental and physical health. You’d be surprised how much an orgasm benefits your health. 


Benefits of Masturbation



  • Helps relieve stress

  • Can prevent prostate cancer 

  • Can prevent heart disease 

  • Releases endorphins helping you get in a better mood. 

  • Helps build sex drive, give yourself an orgasm and chances are you’ll do it again and again. Not just through masturbation but also with your partner. 

  • Enhances self-esteem and body image



Myths About Masturbation



  • Causes infertility 

  • Creates mental health issues

  • It’s a sexual perversion

  • Can reduced sexual function



Masturbation is not unhealthy for you, you will not go blind nor will you develop mental health issues and you definitely will not reduce your sexual function. If anything you actually increase your sexual function by masturbating as the old saying goes ‘use it or lose it’, it’s applies to your sex drive. 


So even if you’re not having a ton of sex go ahead and masturbate because use it or lose a baby one of them is going to happen.


Masturbating isn’t just good for you and your self-esteem it’s also great to help you learn about your body. Learn what you enjoy and how you like things done, uncensor your pleasure. It’s an opportunity for you to explore your body without having the pressure of enjoying it, just because your partner is doing it with you. It really is so great for you to explore things sexually by yourself. 


Does this mean that you shouldn’t explore new sex things with your partner? Absolutely not! But some things can be a little bit intimidating and it can be a little nerve-racking to try and find your sexual prowess with somebody else. I really really recommend masturbating to find out what you enjoy, pull your nipples, slap your ass, pull your hair! See what just what pushes you over the edge and lets you fall deep into utter bliss. 


Masturbation gives you the opportunity to find out what you like and I always tell people, you cannot expect your partner to know what you like if you don’t know what you like! I feel like that’s such a big part of your sexual relationship is knowing what you like. Your sexual relationship isn’t just with your partner, it’s with your body, it’s with yourself, it’s pushing and exploring your limits and discovering what it is that you enjoy.


Your partner will be down to do what you enjoy because they’re into you but the only way to discover that is for you to discover what you enjoy. 


Masturbating In A Relationship?



Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to stop masturbating. Masturbation isn’t just a form of pleasure, it’s also a form of self-care and self-care matters! It’s okay to take that time for yourself and enjoy things the way you like them.


You don’t always need your partner for self care, it doesn’t mean that you don’t want your partner, it just means that you enjoy having this relationship with yourself. It’s okay to give yourself an orgasm and let your mind wander and masturbate in your relationship. You should not have to hide the fact that you like to masturbate from your partner it doesn’t mean that you don’t want your partner and let me repeat that…


 Masturbating in a relationship DOES NOT mean that you do not want your partner.


Masturbation can be really beneficial for your relationship. What do I mean by that? Well when you masturbate you know what you like and you can show your partner what you enjoy. What do I mean by that? I mean sometimes a good version of foreplay is the both of you masturbating in front of one another.


I know that seems a little bit odd but if you masturbate in front of your partner then what you’re doing is showing your partner what you like. It really helps as well if the both of you are struggling to kind of get one another over the brink. You don’t have to tell your partner, you get to show them, its educational, it’s sexy and it’s damned fun! Turn up the foreplay with a little masturbation play.  


Masturbating With Sex Toys



I have heard that you shouldn’t masturbate with sex toys so often because there is this giant fear that you will no longer desire your partner. This is not true at all in any way shape or form. Sex toys cannot replace that intimacy with your partner, they can’t replace that connection, that physical touch that spark that you have with your partner, a sex toy cannot replace that. 


What a sex toy can do is enhance your sexual experience a partner enhance your sexual relationship with your partner and enhance your sexual relationship with yourself. 


What if I or my partner want the toy more than one another? 


I have heard this so often that you will want your sex toy more than you will want your partner. That is not the case if anything you’re going to want to use your sex toy with your partner, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to want them, it also doesn’t mean that your partner isn’t “doing it for you” sometimes you just need a little extra help and that’s okay. 


To expect your partner to bring you to full orgasm every single time without any help is a little ridiculous. But if you would like to ensure that your sexual encounters are exciting, and do result in an orgasm then using sex toys to enhance that is 100% okay.




What if the toy is larger than me and my partner wants it more than me? 


I have come across people, guys in particular who are worried that their partner will be more into a dildo or vibrator than them. Why? Because a penis can cum unexpectedly, a penis doesn’t vibrate, a penis doesn’t keep going and going and going like the energizer bunny but that’s okay.


Your penis doesn’t need to go that long, in fact because your penis doesn’t go like that, using sex toys can help you go the extra mile and turn those 10 minutes into 60 minutes. A toy isn’t a hindrance, it’s an opportunity for you to enhance your relationship and not have to worry about exhausting your penis. Sex toys give you a chance to recover so you can go again kind of like an intermission without really stopping anything though. They can also enhance your sexual pleasure.


Sex toys aren’t going to hurt your relationship all they’re going to do is become the helping hands  you need. They’ll help create a closer connection between the two of you because everybody is happy. Knowing your partner will do whatever is required to please you sexually will enhance your relationship, giving you both bragging rights about how incredible your partner is.


So no sex toys will not ruin your sex life, in fact they will help enhance it and make your sex life the marvelous bliss that you deserve. 


Do I need toys to masturbate?


Toys absolutely can help you with masturbation I mean that’s their primary use. However they’re not mandatory if you choose to explore your body without the use of a toy that’s okay.


You do not need a toy to masturbate, can they help get you there and push you over the edge? Absolutely but just know that it’s okay to not have to use them. You don’t have to have a toy in order to masturbate. That’s not the end all be all.


Masturbation is about exploring your body and seeing what your erogenous zones are, it’s about discovering what turns you on and pushes you over the edge. You can use your nails and run them along your body, you can pull your hair, play with your nipples, tease your clit, tease your balls, explore your anus, rim your anus, grab your butt cheeks it’s an opportunity for you to explore your body and discover.


When it comes to sexual pleasure it literally comes down to what you want. If you’re up submissive,  it’s up to you to make that decision to be a submissive. You have to say, this is what I want. If you don’t know what you want and you don’t know what you like then you can’t possibly come to orgasm and expect your partner to know exactly what to do because you don’t know what to do. 


So at the end of the day, go masturbate! Masturbation is great, it benefits your sex life, it benefits you, it benefits your happiness. When you orgasm you release endorphins and that gives you a happier life. The best way to have a great sex life, is to masturbate, which will help you discover what it is you like.


Uncensor your orgasm!






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