From dark to devious to sexy, the erotica has it all! Here are my favorite erotica writers and why you should read erotica’s.




What is an Erotica?


An erotica is a book, but it’s no ordinary book! Erotica’s involve sex, and not the type of sex you see in a porn, they have the dirty, ranachy, turn you on, make you cum sex.


The sex in erotica’s (when done correctly) makes you feel a certain type of way. It moves through you, it makes you envious, it makes you wonder.


You wonder how you can make that happen in your life… the characters make you feel things you’ve always longed for and you get to enjoy an incredible fantasy.


5 Reasons you should read an Erotica?


  1. An erotica isn’t just about sex… it’s so much more. A well done erotica is like an amazing action movie wrapped up into the best romantic movie… It keeps you on the edge and begging for more in every single way.
  2. The sex scenes expand your creativity. They come up with some creative but simple ways to enjoy sex and remind you to have fun with the little things!
  3. You get a book ‘boyfriend’! The first time I heard this phrase, it was referred to as a book boyfriend, but it can be a book partner of any type depending on the book you read.
  4. There are a huge variety of erotica’s to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that will tickle your fancy!
  5. You get to escape to a world without leaving your room. It’s so much fun to explore another world and go through the drama of it all without having to actually deal with it in reality.


Dark Romance


What is a Dark Romance?


This genre is about as dramatic as it gets! When I say it gets dark, I mean it. I have read books were the main character (typically a female), started out by getting kidnapped for human trafficking.


While they can be SUPER dark, they can also get very romantic. When a writer gets that dramatic they have to equal it out if not suffocate the dark with romance… Its an intense love and very much follows this type of pattern of damsel in distress.


These books can take a little bit of a toll on you, but oh are they fun! I’ve had books that I hated the entire first book, but the second and the third and the fourth…. I adored! They are riveting books but can be triggering, so definitely read the reviews or the back of it first to make sure it’s something you’re okay with!


Dark Romance Writer


My favorite dark romance writer is Pepper Winters. She has a way of turning and twisting your feelings. She creates a whole love/hate/love relationship between you and the character. Her writing is brilliant, she drags you into another existence that just creates such tug-o-war with your heart.


I recommend her when it comes to dark romances. It takes you into the deep end, but with this genre, there is no easy way to get into it. It’s intense, dark, dramatic and a total whirl wind of emotion. Because as intense and dark as it gets, it also gets love dovey in all the right ways.


Check out Pepper Winters


Erotic Romance


What is Erotic Romance?


Erotic romances are more flirty, they tend to swoon you. It’s like a romcom at it’s best! They make you want to never stop reading them and you heart breaks a little when they end.


You root for characters and as you’re there at the edge and things seem like they’re falling apart, it destroys you. You almost want to cry when they go on the hard part of their journey and scream with joy as they go into the best parts.


They almost remind me of a sports game, you are rooting for the person you want. You are boo’ing and crying and rooting… and the entire day they pop into your head, begging to read…


You can become addicted to these books, they are another world that you fall utterly in love with. While there is pain, these books sooth the pain with how they swoon and make you fall in love with them.


Erotic Romance Writer


My all time favorite erotic romance writer is Sylvia Day with her Crossfire Series. She has written one of the only series I repeat read… I typically only read a book series once, and I enjoy it thoroughly.


But her creativity and brilliance when it comes to the Crossfire Series is one that I can’t help but adore. It’s got every single emotion you could possibly want.


The journey goes from the past, through love, into the future and just creates an incredible wild ride. You gasp, laugh, cry and everything in between… The characters are very well developed as well and I have zero gripes with who they are and how they’re written.


Check out Sylvia Day


Kinky Romance


What is Kinky Romance?


Kinky romance is BDSM focused, and it can be soo arousing! What is awesome about kinky romance? It explores a huge variety of kink and fetishes. When done correctly you can actually learn a lot about fetishes and kinks. A good writer will use all the proper aspects of BDSM.


What makes kinky romance books fun? You can enjoy a fetishes and the thrills of it without ever having to actually partake in it. And some people find pleasure in imagining the fetishes versus physically doing it, that’s totally okay! Erotica’s are a great way to indulge in that fetish without having to do it.


Kinky Romance has all the intensies of a romance novel, and the intensity doesn’t stop during the chaos of the book. Nope, it’s high intensity straight into the bedroom as well. The romance comes during the sweetness of the aftercare, the swooping of one of their feet…


It’s a different type of romance book but very much enjoy!


Kinky Romance Writer


One of my favorite kinky romance writers is Red Phoenix. She’s written in other genres but it was her Brie series that really took off and made her into this epic writer.


Why do I recommend her? She has a brilliant way of taking BDSM and educating you properly on how it’s done. What to expect, how it feels and what goes on. There is a proper way to do BDSM and she breaks it down in an understandable way.


It’s a series and if you’re considering getting kinky, then looking into her series would be a great option. She has more than just one couple that the book is about, so she’s able to educate on a variety of kinks and more. She really gives great perspective on what a good BDSM relationship should look like.

Check out Red Phoenix.


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