The Mini Halo Review, is it truly orgasmic? Is this toy worth the money and does it really have that bang they claim it does? Well let’s find out if something great is packed into this small package!



satisfyer toy review

Massager/ Wand

satisfyer toy review


satisfyer toy review


satisfyer toy review


Quick Summary

mini halo review

Between it’s rumble and silicone smoothness, this product is one I will absolutely use time and time again. The flexibility of the head and the length of battery are something I find as a total plus. It’s an absolutely awesome toy that I has earned it’s place in my nightstand and in my sex life.

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Mini Halo Features

mini halo review

Material: Silicone

20x Pulsations

Waterproof: Yes!

Rechargeable: Yes!

Warranty: Yes! 1 Year!

First Impression

mini halo review


When I first saw this toy it was at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas. I automatically recognized it, it reminded me of the Shibari wand. I still have my Shibari wand from 8 or so years ago, but it’s not one I use anymore. The Shibari didn’t have the strength I enjoy so I was curious about this one.


Popping open the box, I was greeted by the brightly colored toy. It’s smooth soft silicone just welcomed by fingers to continue to touch it. Medium sized buttons sat prettily on the handle, clearly stated what they’re for, I may have had a previous version but I hadn’t had this version.


However, it’s clear the toy had been revamped! With a HUGE variety of wonderful colors, it looked promising. I took out the toy and it was super smooth. Like ridiculously smooth, it’s a nice looking toy as well. But I was still hesitant recalling the previous version I owned…. oh was I wrong.


They give you a charger cord, the head is bendable and it’s really quite slick when it comes to toys.


Mini Halo Goal

mini halo review


This is a massager/wand, whatever you would like to call it! While it’s main goal is the Clitoris, this toy can be used for SOOOO many other things. It really can get the kinks out, and a massage is a great form of foreplay.


You can use this toy solo or with a partner, it’s easy for you or your partner! It’s also got a good size handle so you can maneuver it where you want. You can wrap your hand around it without having your hand hurt or have it slip out of your hand.


My Experience

mini halo review


Oh my lanta! My orgasms are like Pringles ‘once I pop I just don’t stop!’ and with this toy it was quite the enjoyable experience for multiple reasons. The bendability of the head isn’t so much that I have to keep pushing it against my clit, but it’s enough that I can angle and push it to get it right where I need it.


I enjoyed all the strength levels, it was a deeper more rumbly vibration type. And it had a good solid strength to it, like I didn’t have to push it all the way up to it’s highest level to orgasm. What I also enjoyed was that it didn’t numb me out at it’s highest level of strength either.


My hand didn’t hurt and wasn’t numb despite the strength of the toy! The handle doesn’t have a high vibration transfer rate when the head is nuzzled between my thighs. While this toy left me completely sated, I was ready for more with it a few hours later! It was an absolutely delicious experience.


Mini Halo Performance

mini halo review

I was impressed, the strength met all my expectations and more. The battery lasted me like I needed it to and I had zero problems with it. The strength of the toy didn’t bend under pressure, like the vibration was the same between my thighs. This is a biggie for me cause my thick thighs nuzzle toys and can suppress the vibration like no other. I didn’t have a problem with this at all however.


So when I say a toy is solid when it comes to vibration, I 100% mean it. And again, it really wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t numb me out. There were enough solid vibration levels that I got to choose from that I enjoyed. I don’t deal with patterns, they just annoy me but I didn’t have to. Overall it did fantastic!


Pros & Cons

mini halo review



  • Equal charging time. (90 mins of play and 90 mins to charge)
  • Medical Grade Silicone (Totally body safe)
  • Bendable head that didn’t over bend.
  • Soft silicone, feels great!
  • Rumbly vibration
  • Variety of colors


  • No travel lock
  • Medical grade silicone (water based lube is recommended)
  • Same style as original Shibari wand, this one’s revamped but with the same style.
  • Vibration strengths and patterns are all on the same button.


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

mini halo review


At $79.95, I would say it is worth it. There’s more than just one reason why however. After getting the opportunity to talk with the company owner and the people at the company, I’ve learned they actually care. They really have improved this toy and it shows.


It may be a smaller wand, but it packs a punch in all the right ways and is worth the money. While it is on the higher end of pricing when it comes to wands of this size, it hold it’s value and makes it worth every penny. It’s got the strength, it’s a great size that isn’t too big or too small for a wand and it’s size and maneuverability make it great for solo or couple play.


Lube Recommendations

mini halo review


This toy is 100% silicone, you want to use a water-based lubricant with it! Here are some lubricant suggestions:


Cleaning Mini Halo

mini halo review


Cleaning this toy is a breeze. It’s water-proof and silicone and there aren’t any real deep details on the toy. Because of this, you can run it under the tap, soap it up and rinse it off. It makes it super easy to clean so you can clean it quickly and put it away when you’re done.

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Mini Halo Alternatives

mini halo review


If you’re looking for an alternative wands here are some of my other favorite wand options!



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