Lube Life, is this lubricant all the life you need to revive your sex life? Does it add that extra yum that you and your partner need? Will it help you turn your partner into a platter of deliciousness for your devouring? Well here’s my Lube Life review.


Type: Water Based

Smell: 4

Taste: 5

Texture: 4


About Lube Life



Lube Life focuses on providing a healthy focused lubricants. What do I mean by that? It mean they create without crap! These lubricants are paraben/gluten/silicone/glycerin/oil free, yup you read that right. Even their silicone is very pure, they have all the ingredients on their website and are very straight forward about it all.


Lube Life manufactures their lube in California, which is just awesome in my opinion. Along with how natural it is, I was totally looking forward to checking out this company and what they have to offer.


What I Got:






Mint Chocolate Chip




When I smelled this, it brough back memories of chocolate lip gloss from when I was a preteen. We had these dreadful smelly lip glosses that we smothered on our lips and thought we looked cute.. I mean we did but that’s not the point. The smell for Mint Chocolate Chip was definitely not my favorite, but it’s not such an overwhelming smell that I can’t work deal with it. And TRUST its worth dealing with.




The consistency of it was more on the liquid then gel, its very easy to rub around. It’s also very silky and smooth, very enjoyable. I feel like wherever you place it, apply a little less than desired so it has room to spread out.


Taste/After taste


I was hesitant to taste it but oh my fucking lanta! It was incredible, it was like eating ice cream! I have no idea how they did it, I kept eating it… It was freaking amazing! I could seriously just eat the entire bottle of lube and justify it! It’s delicious, it was room temperature and it was like I was eating a cool mint chocolate chip ice cream.


Lets talk after taste, it was a sugary after taste that was delicious and faded. There wasn’t a bad aftertaste at all, it was definitely a strong flavor. So if you prefer a hint of flavor, this isn’t for you, this lubricant transports your taste buds. Like you could slather this onto a a penis or vagina and you’d forget you were going down as you lapped up this lube! .. the Mint Chip is my top… if you can’t tell!


Body Parts


Its flavored lube, which as well know, can be detrimental to the vagina. However, even with Lube Life focusing on being natural, you can still use this vaginally. Mega plus in my book! I love a lube that lets you be the appetizer and main course without having to clean up.




Just judging Mint Chocolate Chip, it’s a for sure yes. I’m not fond of the smell, but the flavor makes up for it. It was delicious and I loved it! It’s totally worth indulging in, you get all the flavor without the calories and a super fun time in the bedroom. I’d use this to turn your partner into an ice cream sundae and on a night full of yummy foreplay. Don’t just use it on the genital’s, use it all over your and your partners body! I give it a 4 out of 5, the second it hits your tongue this just knocks it out of the park!


Cotton Candy




It smelled like freaking cotton candy… I was taken back to the time I worked at a roller rink and had to make cotton candy.. it was like yum! Sugarrr! It was a softer smell, it didn’t invade my nostrils, it was like take a whiff and drool, it was cotton candy deliciousness.




Much like the Mint Chip, it wasn’t super liquidity but it wasn’t really on the gel side either. It spreads great, it’s the same consistency as the Mint Chip, it’s silky smooth.


Taste/After Taste


Now if you’ve ever had cotton candy then you know that it can be very intense and sweet, a total sugar rush! Lube Life was on it though, oh my freakin yum! It wasn’t overwhelming, it was sweet and sugary, it tasted just like Cotton Candy.


What I love about this flavor was the fact that it’s not overpowering, they didn’t feel a need to pack a punch. They legit gave you the experience with the ability to ache for more because it’s not too much or too little, like Goldie Locks, it’s just right!


Let’s talk after taste, its the best damn after taste you could have. It’s sugary and just fades into pure deliciousness.


Body Parts


Despite the sweetness it contains, this lube is vaginal safe. Don’t be afraid to explore and spread it wherever you want, have some fun with it and turn you or your partner(s) into Cotton Candy delight!




Between the smell and taste, it’s an absolute 4 out of 5 for me. I just wish it was a little bit more thicker, but I really have no complaints when it comes to eating, licking or indulging in this lubricant. This will absolutely become a staple in my lube collection, it’s super fun and super worth it.


Water Based



Water Based Sex Toy




There is none, in fact I was soo unconvinced that I literally got some on my nose just sniffing for a scent. If you’re sensitive to smell like I am, this is a great option, the smell is not there!




So there is a taste, it’s not strong its just a little tart. It’s like a hint of tart flavor and then fades super fast, what does that mean? No after taste, yes you get a hint of tart but it dissipates so quickly, I can’t complain. Its also not a bad tart, it’s like a candy type tart. So you could totally go down you partner and not be bothered by this flavor.




I loved the consistency of this lubricant, when I put it on my toy it slowly went down my toy. It was honestly a turn on watching the lubricant slide down this toy. I was already turned on and that just about sent me over the edge with how sexy it looked dripping down my toy. It’s thicker than the flavored lubes but still very spreadable and workable.


Body Parts


This is great for your toys, it’s meant for toys, but you can use it for wherever you would like. I would stick to more anal play, you could massage your partner with it. This is a great addition to take you from wet to woah WTF and turn you into a slip n slide should you have a vagina.


Don’t worry, the penis will love it too! Make that penis slippery and indulge in the pleasures slidin’ all around with this lubricant. It’s a lubricant for all genitals.




I loved this lube, despite being water-based it really lasted me quite a long time and went quite far. The flavored lubes lasted me long as well, but I really love the consistency of this lubricant. It’s just got a beautiful consistency, between the smell and the taste it’s a total yum! I give it a 4.5 out of 5, the tartness threw me off but honestly its not that big of a deal.


Water Based Anal Lube




Literally no smell! I did not nose plant in this one to prove myself wrong. There was no scent, and that is marvelous!




It may be for the booty, but if your eatin booty, you’re probably eatin lube. It had a tart tinge to it, it wasn’t overpowering and there was no after taste. The tartness hit my tongue then went away, which I totally appreciate. Just to clarify, there was no lingering after taste which I enjoy, if there has to be then it should be tasty like their flavors.




Beautiful consistency, a little goes a long way but with butt butt stuff I like to be extra. I put my finger on it and it was like touching a plush pillow… The consistency on it was fantastic and I was hereeee for it! It just makes you want to play with it and yourself.


Body Parts


Meant for anal, this lubricant is a great water based anal lubricant that is perfect for silicone toys you may have. As you may or may not know, you can’t use silicone lubricant on silicone toys, so using a great water based lubricant for your anal silicone toys is a total necessity.




Yaas, this is great beginner anal play lube, I wouldn’t pair it with a major thrusting toy, for that I like jelle consistency, but it’s still excellent for anal. It didn’t get super tacky or fade quickly, it did last a decent amount of time. I would absolutely recommend it for anal plug insertion, it’s great and as a water based lubricant, I feel its a good competitor. I rate this one as a 3.7 out of 5, the biggest thing for me is having a thicker consistency. But it does spread really well so I do feel that makes up for it.


Lube Life Overall



This was my first time using them, and I have to stay I’m rather impressed. The tastes that you get with this lubricant really transport your taste buds, I’m still shocked at the level of drool these flavors give me, they are so fucking delicious, and they totally mess with your mind. I wasn’t left with a craving for the real thing because these tasted so incredibly authentic. With the regular lube, I love the lack of smell and the consistency of them.


If you want a no-smell lubricant, definitely go for their regular water based lubes. If you want to have some fun with flavors, definitely try them out. Lube Life is a company that I will absolutely be using again and indulging in.


Lets talk pricing, for $11 you can get a 12 ounce bottle of anal lube. That is honestly fantastic pricing, it’s a large bottle for a great price and its all made here in the USA. This is a great reason alone to support their company, not to mention the lubricants are well worth the price.

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Always uncensor your pleasure!


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