I’m sure you’ve heard about the Magic Wand, but have you heard of Le Wand? Does it really compete the famous Magic Wand? I’ll tell you what I think! Here’s my review on Le Wand.








Quick Summary

le wand sex toy review


The Le Wand is a large wand, it’s rechargeable with a little bit of weight to it. It’s power and desirable head are absolutely a bonus.




Le Wand Features

le wand sex toy review


Material: Head is silicone and body is ABS plastic


Vibrations: 10 Vibration Intensities & 20


Waterproof: No


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions

le wand sex toy review


When I first saw the Le Wand, I was honestly just loving the sleekness of the toy. It was a bit on the heavier said, to me I hoped that meant power. Its nice long handle and velvet soft head had me eager to give it a whirl.


The handle has this like beautiful sheen to it and it just makes the wand feel very elegant. I honestly couldn’t get over the head of the toy, its super soft and smooth. Having used other wands before, I hadn’t come across this. And the Magic Wand doesn’t even have a head this smooth and delectable.


Le Wand Goal

le wand sex toy review


The Le Wand is meant to be used a body massager, now what part of the body you want the Le Wand to massage is up to you. With a long handle it can be used with a partner or by yourself, this also makes it disability friendly.


The large head is great for those who don’t want the pinpoint precision, you can cover a large area with a lot of intensity.




My Experience

le wand sex toy review


So lets get the big question out the way! Did I orgasm? Yes, yes I fucking did! The Le Wand has an intensity to it that just can’t be beat. Its got a rumble that makes you want to growl back at it.


What I liked about the Le Wand levels was how many they had. I was able to build up the vibration until I was eager for more. The buttons are large and easy to use, you don’t have to fight them to work and you have options.


Nothing against the Magic Wand, but I like that I have more control over the intensity when it comes to Le Wand. I also adore as I’ve already said, the smooth head, it just feels amazing since the vibrations are already intense.


I wouldn’t say the Le Wand is as strong as the Magic Wands top speed, but I also don’t like the Magic Wands top speed. Why, you might ask? The top speed on the Magic Wand makes my hand go numb within minutes and that is just too much for me. Now I will say that I do feel the Le Wand matches up to the medium strength on the Magic Wand, at its top speed.


The orgasm the Le Wand gave me was super intense, I was able to stimulate a very large area of my clitoris, from the head down to the legs of the clitoris. This just increased the intensity of the pleasure for me and had me melting into my bed.


Now I’m not big on patterns, I was fine with the ones provided but they aren’t really my thing. Does the mean the patterns on the Le Wand are bad? Absolutely not, it’s just not my thing when it comes to toys.


Le Wand Performance

le wand sex toy review


The Le Wand has held up, it’s rechargeable battery adds to its intensity. Nor does the battery die super quick, which I find a total plus. The Le Wand will let you know when the battery needs to be charged by buzzing then buzzing again if you turn it on to use. It’s like a warning buzz.


While the Le Wand is on the heavier side, I didn’t find that to be much of an issue. It was easy to hold and manipulate, the handle grows a little slimmer at the end so you can have options when holding the Le Wand.


Vibration wise, it was intense all the way through. I didn’t have any issues with the Le Wand losing strength when it was between my thighs or pressure was applied.


Lets talk noise! I didn’t have any problems, when cushioned between my thighs, I didn’t hear much. Even after increasing the intensity, it was still really quiet.




Pros & Cons

le wand sex toy review



  • Velvet soft head
  • Variety of vibration options
  • Rechargeable
  • Flexible neck
  • Travel lock


  • Not waterproof
  • Charge time is same length as play time.


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

le wand sex toy review


Yes! The price is totally worth it, its a super quality wand that does exactly what you want. Its got the perfect amount of power, great control and just makes your toes curl. Its a purchase you won’t ever regret.


le wand sex toy review


Because the head of the toy is covered in silicone, you want to use a water-based lubricant. With a variety out there, don’t be afraid to explore!


Cleaning Le Wand

le wand sex toy review


Since the Le Wand isn’t waterproof, you want to be sure you avoid the handle area. I like to carefully run the head under water and then soap it up. After I’ve soaped it up, I rinse it off and then if I need to take care of the handle, I use a wet cloth. You can air dry or pat dry, the choice is yours.




Le Wand Alternatives

le wand sex toy review




ultimate guide to le wand


le wand sex toy review
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