The Le Wand Petite is a version of the original size Le Wand, It’s got all the wonder of the larger size, but does it really? Here’s my Le Wand Petite Review!


Fact, the magic wand first came out in 1968, but really took off in 1970. The wand quickly went from being labeled as a household appliance to a pleasure giving device. Thanks Daily Beast.







Quick Summary

le wand petite review


The petite size of the wand, allows for more versatility in the sack. Petite in every way, it’s body safe and rechargeable, in the most delightful way,


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Le Wand Petite Features

le wand petite review


Material: Head is silicone and body is ABS plastic


Vibrations: 10 Vibration Intensities


Waterproof: No


Rechargeable: Yes


Warranty: Yes


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First Impressions

le wand petite review


Personally, I love packaging, and pretty packaging always gets me. I loved the discretion of the toy, it came with the charger, the bag and was overall everything I wanted. Oh, and it also came with the toy! They put the Le Wand Petite into the center, it was the star of the packaging.


I got a rose gold wand, and honestly it’s gorg! I love the look, the size, overall it’s just super impressive. I’m a sucker for rose gold and a chic look and this just has it all.


Now when it comes to colors, I will say that they actually have some great colors. They’re blue wands are absolutely stunning, which is something I appreciate.


Le Wand Petite Goal

le wand petite review


The Le Wand Petite is a body massager, so you can use this toy all over your body! With it’s vibration intensities, you can work out any kink.


While it’s great for all over the body, it excels on the clitoris, bringing you into pure delight. With a nice long handle, it can be used by yourself or with a partner!


My Experience

le wand petite review


Right off the bat I was excited for the Le Wand Petite. I love the original Le Wand and was eager to dive into this one. The Le Wand has strength, does it have the same strength as the original Le Wand? No, but for a petite wand, it’s pretty impressive.


What I love is the flexible head the Le Wand Petite has, it allows for movement and versatility where you need it. I don’t like to stay in one position when I light fire to my fireworks, and the flexible head really just moved with me.


I’m not big on patterns, they were there and they weren’t bad but it’s not my thing. What I liked more was the ease of the buttons, they’re carved out and easy to use. I wasn’t guessing or hoping when it came to changing up or down the intensity.


I did orgasm, was it as quickly as when I use the original Le Wand? No but it was damn good! With the size of it and the strength, it’s something that I prefer to use with a partner. When I’m going solo, I love me some power, so this is kinda perfect with a partner.


Le Wand Petite Performance

le wand petite review


The Le Wand Petite is rechargeable, which off the bat is something I love about products. It’s actually got a pretty decent battery life and doesn’t take forever to charge.


Now the buttons on the Le Wand Petite are in the center, and it has a smooth handle, so you just have to feel for them and you can easily find them.


The handle is long and in equal weight to the head of the toy, this makes it easy to hold and manipulate without any trouble!


When it comes to the strength of the Le Wand Petite, I’m pleased to say that it doesn’t dim between my thick thick thighs. It keeps it’s strength there and it’s a toy you can totally feel in all the right ways.


If were talking noise, it’s super quiet. It’s a toy you could totally use in the next room and the only sound somebody might hear is your moan of pleasure. I personally find that a huge plus, you don’t want noisy toys when you’re being ‘naughty’.


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Pros & Cons

le wand petite review



  • Travel size
  • Rechargeable
  • Flexible head
  • Easy to find buttons
  • Travel lock


  • Not water-proof, only splash-proof
  • Not as strong as the original


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

le wand petite review


I 100% believe that for anybody who wants a wand, wants control and wants a smaller size, then yes. The Le Wand Petite has plus and minus buttons, this makes it easy to control the intensity. I love this factor and find it a super big bonus with this particular wand.


I also think that so long you aren’t a power hungry, stupid super strong vibration need user, then yes, you’ll be thrilled. It’s also a very luxurious looking, which just adds a sense of pride when owning the toy.


The company itself, is actually quite a good company, they are always there to help are always working on improving their product. I stand behind Le Wand, I’ve always liked them and I’ve always appreciated the morale the entire company holds.


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Lube Recommendations

le wand petite review


The head of the Le Wand Petite, is made of silicone. Because of this, you want to make sure that you use water-based lubricant.


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Cleaning The Le Wand Petite

le wand petite review


The Le Wand Petite isn’t water-proof, it is splash-proof however. What that means is that you don’t want to submerge the Le Wand Petite in water, but you can splash the toy and be fine.


If you need to clean the handle of the toy, I suggest wiping it down with a wet cloth. If you need to you can soap it up and then wipe it down with a clean wet cloth. This would fall under the splash-proof category because you aren’t soaking the toy in water.


You can put the silicone head under running water if you want to, I try not to and just rinse it off and soap it up and rinse it back off. With splash-proof toys I like to make sure that I pat them dry.

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Le Wand Petite Alternatives

le wand petite review



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