Go the distance! In bed! It happens to everybody… at some point.. You try to hold back but it feels so good… then bang bam bum! You’ve cum… and all too soon. So let’s go over how to last longer in bed!



 The disappointed look blinks on your partners face before they try to correct it quickly so they can reassure you it’s all okay.. All this occurring in moments before you start blinking and double guessing yourself.. 


It sucks to double guess yourself, it sucks to cum to early, when you want to enjoy it as much as your partner. I mean honestly, you’re not happy, their not happy… so how do you fix it? Well here’s a few things you can do! 


The Masturbation Technique

last longer in bed without pills


This is a method you may or may  not have heard about before. So let’s discuss it! 


You have a date, you wana get lucky. Who can blame you? I certainly don’t. It’s hot and heavy but have you prepped for this? I’m not talkin’ about makin’ sure your tid and tad bits are all clean. 


I’m talking about the masturbation technique. Now while this technique is not the technique for everybody, it’s definitely something to try. 


You masturbate to finish before your big date or when you’re planning to get lucky and having that first orgasm can actually help prolong your time in bed. 


According to Healthline your body’s refractory period will be the determinant for whether you cum quickly or last a little longer. This is all about knowing your body, so listen to it, try it out and have fun.  Know it might not be the solution for you, or the perfect one! 


Stud 100

last longer in bed without pills


What is Stud 100? This is a spray that contains lidocaine, it’s for the penis. What’s great about this spray is that it only take 5-15 minutes to activate and actually gives you hours to play, in addition to that you can also use it when flaccid or erect. 


Let’s define lidocaine. Lidocaine is a synthetic compound used as a local anesthetic, e.g., for dental surgery, and in treating abnormal heart rhythms. (Thanks to dictionary.com) 


So can you use just any lidocaine? Absolutely not! Stud 100 has a formulated a product that contains the ingredients you need to last longer. So you don’t want to get your hands on some black market lidocaine and go at it. You’ll end up numbing yourself completely, your partner and not being able to enjoy any of it. 


So there are things that you need to know about Stud 100, after you’ve sprayed and wait the amount of time required then wipe off any residue with a cloth. The reason you want to do this is because if the residue has gotten on your partner it can numb them slightly as well. 


Yes this can totally be used with lube! I have a How To Use Stud 100 that you’ll want to check out!


Buy Stud 100


last longer in bed


Buy Stud 100


Cock Rings

last longer in bed without pills


The good ole cock ring! Now when I’m referring to cock rings, I don’t mean the filmsy ones that with a vibrator on one part. And I certainly don’t mean the makeshift ones that you make out of rubber bands, hair ties and whatever else you can find. 


You want to use a solid cock ring, not a metal one. But one made of silicone or abs plastic, you don’t want it to have a lot of give or be flimsy. The ones that vibrate don’t typically have any hold to them and really are just there so you can have a vibrator sitting on your penis… 


Having a silicone made cock ring, gives you a stretch while also keeping it the right kind of tight at the same time. It’s definitely the way you want to go if you’re a beginner. 


You want to put the ring on the penis, flaccid or erect and roll it down to the base. You can use some lube to put it on, but don’t use a ton of lube. Don’t leave it on for longer than 30 minutes, to be on the safe side. 


You have two ring types you can choose from, the one that goes just around the shaft of the penis or the one that goes around the penis and the balls. If you’re new to it I suggest going with the one that goes around just the shaft of the penis, however the choice is yours. 


What the cock ring does, it traps blood in the penis making the erection larger. In addition to that the ring allows for the blood to leave more slowly, thus helping the erection last longer so you can last longer in bed.


Cock Ring Recommendations: 


Cock Ring Lube Recommendations


So find one that suits you, lube up and slip it on. Have fun and explore! 


Ball Technique

last longer in bed without pills


Ah this is a technique which some are a little bit more afraid to attempt at times. The reason is because somebody is goin for the balls, to help you last longer in bed. Not in a bad way, but definitely in a grabby way! 


So while you’re in the midst of enjoying your partner, you start to get the epic feeling… You’re on the edge, it’s goin happen! How do you stop it? It’s simple, you tug the balls. 


What happens is you or your partner needs to wrap their hand around the balls and gently tug down. No need to be rough (unless they like it that way), just tug down gently. ,


The reason you do this is because the testicles clench up when the orgasm is close. By pulling them down you are interrupting the action thus preventing you or your partner from cumming. 


This is a totally safe technique to try, just be careful and make sure you communicate with your partner. You don’t want to throw your partner off by trying this without them knowing and then ending up in more pain than anything else. 


These are 4 great techniques that are totally worth the try, to last longer in bed! You’ve got options so if one thing doesn’t work, something else will. What you want to do is find what works best for you, and just know that’s it’s totally normal for this type of thing to happen. 


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Always uncensor your pleasure. 


Side Note: Links attached are from my store or an affiliate, which helps support my site. These opinions are 100%  truthful and mine. I only recommend what I believe in. 

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