Ah the Kegel, the discreet workout you can do anytime, anywhere. So long you have a vagina, then you’re set! 



What Are Kegel Balls? 

ultimate guide to kegels


Kegel balls are balls that are attached a string and inserted into the vagina. Once inserted, the vagina will clench and hold the balls in. What does this do? It helps strength the pelvic walls of the vagina. 


So before we go much further, lets bust a couple of myths here. The anatomy that is being worked out, is the actual inside of the vagina. If you have labia that hangs lower, this has  nothing to do with how ‘tight’ your vaginal canal is. 


Who Should Do Kegels Or Use Kegel Balls?

ultimate guide to kegels


If you have given birth vaginally or you tend be on the more extreme side when it comes to sex or just have a vagina, then this is great for you! Grab those Kegel balls and have some fun. 


Kegel balls are more commonly recommended for those who have given birth vaginally or later in age. However, if you want to work out those muscles and increase/improve your orgasms, then Kegels are what you’re looking for.


One thing to know is that you can do Kegels without any toys, how do you do this? You clench your vaginal canal, hold it for 3-4 seconds and release, repeat 5-7 times.


Then you have Kegel balls, these are products that contain weights and are inserted into your vagina.


Some benefits of Kegels are helping with incontinence, improving orgasms, prolapse prevention, help recovery from natural child birth.


Types Of Kegel Balls

ultimate guide to kegels


Kegel toys can come in a variety of shapes and also weights. The heavier the weight, the more intense the workout. 


Kegel Balls. 


Kegel balls typically come in a set, sets typically have different weights. A string is typically attached to the balls, but sometimes the balls are loose. You may be familiar with the loose balls, if you’ve watched Fifty Shades Darker, they use the Ben Wa Balls, which are two weighted silver balls.


Vibrating Kegel Toys.


This is a Kegel toy that is like the shape of a fat bullet sometimes, it vibrates and can be controlled with a remote or with an app. It takes the average Kegel balls to the next level. 


Do the vibrating kegel toys do more than the non-vibrating ones? Not at all, it just makes them more fun and are excellent for foreplay.


Kegel Strength Measuring Toys. 


Believe it or not they have some Kegel toys that will actually measure the strength of your muscles. They do a plethora of alternate things in addition to this and are connected to a little app on your phone. 


What are the benefits of this? It gives you control over knowing what’s going on with your kegels and where you stand with your pelvic muscles. 



Where Do Kegel Balls Go? 

ultimate guide to kegels


Kegel toys go inside the vaginal canal. But as you know, if you have  a vagina, stuffing anything into a dry vagina is ridiculously painful. So please please please use lubricant. 


If you have a silicone covered kegel toy then you want to make sure that you use a water-based lubricant. 


You want to lay on your back, lube up the balls and then insert them into the vagina. You want to insert like a vagina and leave plenty of the end out so you can pull them out without trouble. Another way to put it is that you want to insert them like a tampon, they need to be all the way in your vaginal canal, but leave some string to pull em out.


You only need to wear them for 15 minutes a day to get all the benefits of them.


If you’re worried about them going up too far, don’t be! Your cervix will prevent anything from going further than you want it to with these products.


How To Use Kegel Balls?

ultimate guide to kegels


If you use the Kegel balls, then you want to keep them in for about 15 minutes to do your workout. You don’t have to do anything, you can put them in and lay down, sit down, do some chores.. Whatever floats your boat. 


While you don’t need to leave them in for a long period of time, if you’re using them sex play, you can leave them in for up to 6 hours. But you want to make sure that you work up to this length of time.


What Materials Are Kegel Balls Typically Made Of?

ultimate guide to kegels


Kegels products are made out of silicone typically, they can also be made out of metal. You might come across ones made out of wood or abs plastic as well, there are also a variety of weights that Kegel balls have.


The materials you want to avoid are: Jelly, PVC, toys containing Phthalates. The toys made of Jelly or PVC are porous and can trap bacteria. Phthalates have been known to cause a myriad of problems that you don’t want.


You want to avoid these materials because they aren’t body safe. What do I mean by this? It means that these materials are porous and can easily trap bacteria and wreak havoc on your genitals. 


How To Clean Kegel Balls? 

ultimate guide to kegels


If they don’t vibrate then you can submerge, soap up, rinse off and air or pat dry. 


If they do vibrate check if they’re waterproof or not. Then rinse off, soap up, rinse off and air or pat dry. 


Kegel Ball Recommendations

ultimate guide to kegels

Shop Kegel Balls

Kegel balls can be for fun or can be used for your sex life. No matter how you use them, you want to make sure that you listen to your body and what it’s telling you.

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