Ah the wand, the ol ‘forget your wife’s hands, you’ve got the massaging wand!’. It just so happens to be my favorite way to scream into an orgasm. 




The Magic Wand by Hitatchi was revolutionary for orgasms. It’s an intense strong vibration that make many toes curl under its intensity. 


Through the years a lot has changed and others have made wands. So while I’m so excited to tell you my absolute faves, let me give you a little history behind the original magic wand.  


Created by Hitachi, a Japanese company, the toy was brought to life to vibrate out your kinks. And boy did it vibrate out some kinks… Its revolutionary 2 vibration speed design took the world by storm. The company later sold the wand, as its main purpose was not sex toys but massage products… they just so happened to create an incredible sex toy. This is why the name is The Original Magic Wand and there is no Hitachi in the name any longer. 


Why Are Wands The Best?


It’s not just the magic wand that I’m fond of, it’s the actual wand itself. The deep rumble, the handle, the head of the toy… combined together, it makes an incredible toy.


The wand has been such a go to toy for me, it’s one of those toys where I know I’m going to have an orgasm if I use it. Sometimes you just need to knock out that orgasm and let yourself fall into bliss. There’s minimal work when you use the wand and the strength and deep rumbly vibration are a great combination. It creates such an intense orgasm for me, it’s like a rocket shooting off. Not every toy can achieve that level of gratification.


A huge variety of versatility. The wand comes with attachments, it comes in different sizes and you can find whatever combination works for you.


Buzzy and Rumbly. I’m super into rumbly vibration toys, like a deep vibration, but I also enjoy the buzzy type vibration as well. You can find wands that do both, and still have the versatility you desire.


Solo or Partner. Thanks to the handles of the wand you can use it easily by yourself or with a partner. It’s not hard to use it with a partner. There’s a huge variety of positions you can use with this toy.


Ease of use. If you are disabled or older, it’s really easy to use this toy. It doesn’t take a lot to control it and the large handle means you can maneuver it where you desire.


Cord VS Rechargeable


So when you’re looking at the magic wand you have two options you have the cord where it plugs into the wall or you’ve got the rechargeable version. Honestly it depends on which company you going with, I always say go with whatever fits your lifestyle more.


If you’re one of those people who tends to lose the cord or is always having to like keep track of the cords maybe the rechargeable isn’t the best option for you. I know I’ve lost the cord to my rechargeable ones multiple times it just happens.


The cords tend to be long, so you can easily reach the other side of the bed without a lot of worry. I have had cords that have let me get to the middle or other side of the bed. You don’t have to worry about recharging it, it’s always ready to go and you can plug it in wherever, this makes a cord a great option.


Rechargeable wands give you the ability to use them literally anywhere and have no restraints when it comes to your sex positions. The batteries on a lot of wands have a great battery life and can last quite a long time.


The choice is yours, I have both! It depends on my mood, but I love having both.


Wand extensions


The wands versatile grew with the additions of wand attachments. These attachments slip over the head of the wand and can be used as external stimulation and internal stimulation with the right attachment. These attachments can change the texture of the head creating different sensations and have such a wide variety of uses.


Each wand company, has wand extensions for their wand if it’s available.


Here are some of the more popular ones:


These are just a few of the wand attachments available, there’s such a variety. They really have made is your wand is a jack of all trades!


Wand Positions 


As I mentioned before, you can use the wand in a variety of positions, so here are some. There really are no limits as to how you can use the wand, except for the limit of your own imagination.


Doggy Style: You or your partner can hold the toy on the clit. Just wrap a hand in front of and between the two of you and use the toy where desired.


Cowgirl: Lay the wand onto the partner whose laying down. Put it on their stomach and grid against it while on top.


Reverse Cowgirl: If you want more thrusting power, try this position. With the partner laying down, have them spread the legs just a little, put the toy where you desire it and use their legs to power up and down. This position doesn’t require as much grinding with the position of the toy and can also stimulate your partner (laying down) as well.


Side by Side: Laying down on your sides with your partner behind you, you can wrap your leg around your partners leg. This will leave the desire area open for you to use the wand where you choose.


My Favorite Wands!


No magic wand? I’m going to tell you why the one you won’t find the original magic wand on this list.


The reason I don’t have the original magic wand on my list isn’t because it isn’t a fabulous toy. It has four vibration levels and they are: okay, oh fuck, oh fuckity fuck and I’m dead. I like the rumbly strong ones wands, however I do not want to give my clitoris road rash or rip it off.


It’s just not the wand for me, it turns my hand numb when I turn it on. But that doesn’t mean you should disregard the magic wand.


Here’s The Wand’s I Recommend, Saving The Best For Last.



Shibari! I’m sure you’ve heard of them, they’ve has been around for a while it’s fully waterproof it’s rechargeable and it’s got a really pretty pretty look to it. While it does have a rumbly deep vibration it’s not as strong or as intense as some other ones.


This is a con for me as somebody who does really rumbly vibrations, however it is a good one to start with and if you’re new to wands. I do really recommend it because it is a great wand to venture into sex with, and explore with. For what you get with it it’s really a good price and a good deal. It’s also fully covered in silicone smooth making this a really good toy overall.


When it comes to beginner wands, this is a total yes! It’s easy to use, compact and will absolutely help you figure out what you want from a wand.


The Doxy! Now you may have seen my Doxy review a while ago, I still have a love-hate relationship with the Doxy vibrator. But I can’t not put them on this list because they are absolutely holding a place in my heart when it comes to wands.


Yes they do have a cord, they also have a large plus and minus sign. Making it super easy to control your vibrations, really creating the vibe that’ll get you there! The simple interface is a total plus in my opinion. They also have a super smooth head, it’s not rough like some other wands. It’s smooth head with a little cushion is absolutely incredible.


They just started making the Doxy wand rechargeable vibrator, before that they only had plug-ins but they do give you a really long cord. I was able to plug it into my wall and reach the other side of my king-size bed with the Doxy without worrying about pulling it out. The cord also never got tangled and that was a big plus.




The Le Wand… Oh my goodness too I love this wand, I really don’t have anything negative to say about it. In fact I recently learned a new trick having to do with the toy. If you hold down the middle swirl button, and I’m on a vibration pattern, then it take me back to straight vibration by holding that down for 1-2 seconds.


It’s got the solid battery life for a rechargeable toy, it’s flexible head helps you hit just the right spot. What do I mean by flexible head? The neck that the head of the toy sits on has flexibility to it. While the buttons aren’t as big as they are on the doxy, it’s still easy to navigate.


They also have a smaller version called Le Wand Petite. And that does have quite a bit of strength to it, not as much as the large version but it’s still got a lot of strength to it and it’s called le wand petite It’s travel size it’s got a great battery life and it’s worth it. Both of the wands come with a travel lock which I think is awesome so they can remain super discreet and can go really anywhere with you.


These are my top wand recommendations, they are fun, strong and are so much fun. You can use them by yourself, with a partner, the only limit is your imagination! I really enjoy the strength of these wands, as well as the quality of these wands. May you also find endless orgasms when you add a wand to your toy collection! Thanks for reading!


Uncensor Your Pleasure


Side Note: Links attached are from my store or an affiliate, which helps support my site. These opinions are 100%  truthful and mine. I only recommend what I believe in.

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