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This revolutionary toy has taken storm of the sex toy industry! It’s changed things in an incredible way and made lots of women very happy. I hope you enjoy this Guide To: Womanizer Liberty
Before we dive into all of the above lets discuss a brief history of this company. 
The first time I saw the womanizer was around 2015, my boss brought it in to sell and said his wife had an orgasm in 30 seconds. 
Starting in Germany, making their motto ‘Making orgasm a human right’. It was Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte Lenke who came up with the patented air technology. They realized that sex toys hadn’t had any big revolutions so they made one. Their product is incredible, heard about around the world so let’s dive into how this beauty works! 
How exactly does it work? It’s controlled by air waves that suck the clit and massage it. 

Toy Basics

Rechargeable: Yes, takes about 2.5 – 3 hours, the head will blink to indicate it’s charging.
Charge: The charge lasts for 120 mins, however keep in mind you typically don’t use a toy consistently for that time. I’ve yet to have this toy die on me while masturbating and I go for awhile… 
Waterproof: Yes!
Lube: Water-based, because it has a silicone head. 
Intensity Levels: 6
Clean: Fully submerge in water and turn on, then put soap on and rub it in, then submerge and turn on to rinse. 

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How to use it

Find the head that suits you best, you can switch them out and test them to see which one fits you best.

The head is circular allowing the clit can fit inside and enjoy the massage of your life!

Place chosen head onto the toy.


Pushing the plus sign, hold it down for 3 seconds to turn it on. (You can do this before or after placing the toy on your clit

Opening legs, spread the labia and place the toy onto the clit. Don’t be afraid to move around to find the right position for you. 

Use the plus or minus sign to find the intensity level that suits you best. 

Charge it using the magnetic dots on the back hand side.

Store it by placing the cover on it, the cover stays on because it’s magnetic.

Where else to use it 



  • You can use it on the nipples, playing with the intensity levels for suction on the nipples. 

  • You can use it on the head and shaft of the penis, increasing pleasure. 

  • During sex you or your partner can place it on the clit and enjoy. 



While this toy does come down to creativity with alternate ways to use it, it is truly a top of the line toy. Being a revolutionary toy, it takes your orgasms to the next level. 


If you have a sensitive clit, that doesn’t mean you can’t use this. I would totally recommend giving it a shot and just keeping it low, let your body build up and enjoy the ride. 


What do I mean by sensitive clit? A more sensitive clit is one that doesn’t really enjoy direct vibration, because this toy uses air technology, I would suggest giving it a shot!


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While the body of the toy is plastic, the head of the toy is made of silicone. Because of this I would recommend a water-based lubricant


Here’s some recommendations:



You can find out more about water-based lube here.


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Cleaning this toy isn’t hard because it’s fully water-proof, I know when you look at the head of it, it can seem a tad bit taunting so let me break it down for you. 
Remove the head, submerge the head in water rinsing it off, grab some cleaner and clean the head. 
Now submerge the rest of the toy, turn the toy on whilst submerged to get rid of any excess residue. Pulling the toy out, get some cleaner and clean the rest of the toy, be sure to add some cleaner to the head of the toy. 
Once your toy is lathered up go ahead and submerge it again in the water turning it on, this really makes sure your toy is clean. 
You can air dry or pat dry then put your silicone head back on. 

Why Buy

This toy is incredible! You can use it during sex, you can use it by yourself. Because of the way the toy is built, your orgasm will come quick and intense. 
Only 6% of women always have an orgasm, add this beauty to your collection and get yourself an orgasm all the time. 
Thanks for checking out my Guide To: Womanizer Liberty

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