Satisfyer has come out with an app so you can control you or your partner can control your toy and experience more. This is my break down on how to use the Satisfyer Connect App!


Here’s a complete break down on how to use Satisfyer Connect App below. Everything from how to charge to discovering levels and more. If you have questions or would like to see a toy done just leave a comment.

You will need to download the app to your phone, just go to your app store, type in Satisfyer Connect and download!


Getting Started


Getting Started

Open up your app

We’ll go over all the basics when opening up the app for the first time.

Accept terms and conditions to continue

Click both and read if desired, then click continue

Connect Your Toy

Click ‘Connect My Satisfyer’

Searching For Your Toy

This will pop up to let you know it’s searching for your toy.

Allow Bluetooth

You have to click ‘ok’ so your Satisfyer App can connect to the toy.

Click search and hold down toy button

You need to hold the button down on the toy in order for the app to find it. To find what button you need to hold down for the bluetooth look in the directions. It seems to typically be the wave button that you hold down for 4 seconds. Once your toy is connected, it’ll pulse to let you know it’s connected. (confirm with your instructions what button you need for your bluetooth)

Click the toy icon to control toy

Once your toy is found, tap the icon to confirm the toy.

Change The Toy Name

Click the arrow to change the name of your toy

Changing The Name

To change the name of your toy, just click the arrow next to the name of the current toy.

Save the name

Once you’ve picked the name just click ‘rename’.

Confirm or deny notifcations

If you would like to be notified when a person sends you a message, just click ‘yes, notify me’.

Keep phone in close range

In order to use your toy, you need to have your phone in close range. Once you understand that just click ‘I got it’


Program Play


Select Program Play

Program Play control single vibration patterns and sequence vibration patterns. It also allows you to make both custom single and sequence vibration patterns.

Single Vibration Pattern

This is what you will see when you click Program Play. It will automatically open to single vibration sequences.

Create a vibration pattern.

Click the plus sign to create your own vibration pattern.

On-Screen Sketch

Click ‘on-screen sketch’ to use your finger to draw on your screen and create your vibe.

Draw to the end

Use your finger to draw your desired pattern on the screen. It’s a 5 second pattern, and make sure you go all the way to the end of the box. The pattern says you need to

Save your vibration

If you like the vibration you made, you can make a name for it and save it. Just click save after typing in a name.

Find new vibration pattern

All your vibration patterns that you make will go under ‘my programs’.

Make A Sequence

To make a sequence with multiple vibration patterns, click sequences up top. Then click the arrow to start adding sequences.

Adding Vibration Patterns To Your Sequence.

Click on the plus sign to add vibration patterns to make your sequence.

Selecting vibration patterns to add to sequence

You can use the default vibration patterns or the custom ones you’ve made. You can add as many as you like.

Adjust the vibration pattern

Use the blue bar on the side to have the vibration pattern go longer. If you choose to make the vibration time longer, it will repeat the vibration pattern. Pulling the blue bar at the top will increase the intensity.

Name and Save Sequence

Name your sequence and then hit save to store it for use.


Live Control


Click on live control

Live Control let’s you have control the vibration in real time.

Understanding live vibration mode

A straight vibration will start right away. You can hit pause if you want the vibration to pause the vibration to get situated. Use your finger to control the vibration, you can go up and down quickly or slowly. You can click the infinity sign to repeat a vibration pattern you like.

Save live control vibration pattern

If you liked the pattern you made you can name it and save it! Or just click ‘exit without saving’ to leave it.


Ambient Sound


Ambient sound

Click on ambient sound

Ambient sound allows the noise around to control the vibration.

Allow access to your phone mic

Click okay so the app can listen to the sound around you to work properly for this program.

Allow Permission

You are confirming it’s allowing permission to use your phone’s microphone to pick up the sound around you to control the vibrator.

Pausing the vibration

The vibration will automatically start to play once it hears noise. The intensity of the noise determines how intense it vibrates. Click the microphone to mute the vibrator from reacting to noise around you. Click it again to let it react to the noise around you. Click the ‘x’ at the top left to exit this application.


Music Vibes


Music Vibes

Select Music Vibes

Selecting this will allow the music on your phone to control the vibration.

Click the song you want

You can choose the song you want the vibration to play to, or you can click on a playlist.

Control the song

You can pause the song, use the black dot to move further into the song, skip, go back, repeat or shuffle the music. The vibration will do what you tell it to do with what you do with the music.




The double heart button

This let’s you connect with a partner. Once you create an account your partner can control it if you give them permission. Or you can get control of your partners toy

The Cloud with lines in it

This gives you access to the Satisfyer community. People can make vibrations public and you can download them at your discretion. You don’t have to have allow access to your vibration patterns. You can download and use theirs if you choose. Click the play button to feel the vibration to see if you like it.

The bell button

This bell stands for alarms. Click the plus sign to make alarms as a reminder to get it on with your partner or yourself!


I hope this answered all your questions regarding how to use the Satisfyer App. If you have more questions, feel free to ask! Don’t forget to check out my other toy guides to find all the answers!


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