The ever coveted Rose! It’s made a boom on social media, it’s having trouble staying in stock and I’ve had many a question regarding it. So here’s my breakdown of the Rose by Inya and here’s how it works!




What we'll be going over

Toy Basics


Rechargeable: You know it.


Charge: Taking  2.5 hours for a full charge with 120 mins play


The light will blink indicating the toy is charging – once it’s done blinking it’s done charging.   


Waterproof: Splish splash, this toy is only splash proof.


Lube: Water-Based because it’s covered in body friendly silicone, which means no silicone lube.


Motors: 1


Intensity Levels: 7 total


Travel Lock: No it doesn’t.


Warranty: Yep, 1 year.


Toy Instructions


Charging Your Toy

The button will blink while it’s charging. Once it’s done charging the light will remain solid.

Turn Toy On

Hold down the button for 2 seconds to turn the toy on.

Change Intensities

Click the button, don’t hold it down to go through each mode. It has a total of 7 vibration modes, once you hit mode 7 it goes back to low vibration by reversing through the modes.

Turn Toy Off

To turn the toy off, hold down the button for 2 seconds and it will turn off.

Toy Placement

Spread the labia and place the toy onto the clit. Don’t be afraid to explore and move around to find the right position.

Don’t be afraid to explore!

Trace the toy along your labia, your nipples, behind your ears. Don’t be afraid to use it elsewhere!




This silicone coated toy is meant to be used by water based lube, and here are my recommendations. 





  • Don’t submerge it! It’s only splash proof. 


  • Gently rinse off the used area, or wipe it off. 
  • Soap it up. 
  • Gently rinse off the soaped up area, or wipe it off with a wet cloth. 
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Air dry or pat dry!


Buy Rose


If you want to buy it off amazon – you can use the above link. I don’t recommend it, the toy is not in stock however and is going quickly. You can also check back here and buy it when it becomes available, I don’t when that will be however.


Rose By Inya From Uncensored Kiss


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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