Add a little elegance into the bedroom with the Mimi by Je Joue. With a strong motor and smooth silicone body, it’ll do your body good. So here’s my How To Use Mimi by Je Joue. 


Toy Basics


Rechargeable: It absolutely is! 


Charge: Charge it for 2 hours and you’ll get 2 hours of play for it.


The light will blink indicating the toy is charging – once it’s done blinking it’s done charging.   


Waterproof: Get it soaked with whatever floats your boat, this baby is waterproof! 


Lube: Water-Based because it’s covered in body friendly silicone, which means no silicone lube.


Motors: 1


Intensity Levels: 5 intensities and 6 vibration patterns


Travel Lock: Unfortunately not.


Clean: Rinse, soap, rinse and air or pat dry! 


Warranty: 1 year, go get it!


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Toy Instructions:


Charging It:



Turn It On/Increase Intensity:


(Hold down the plus sign for 1-2 seconds to turn on)



Change Vibe Pattern:

(Press the swirl button to change through the patterns)



Decrease Intensity/ Turn Off:


(To turn off hold down the minus sign for 1-2 seconds)







Using The Toy


This is a bullet, it’s got a fat side with thinner edges for a more pinpoint vibration. You can use the fatter side to entice the body. Run it over the nipples, drag it along the jawline, thrum it behind the ear. 


Slide it down the labia, press it against the pernium, throw your partner into ecstasy as you let the toy be your creativity. 


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This toy is covered in silicone, so you’ll need to use water-based lubricant


Here are some recommendations: 





It’s waterproof, so you can submerge it!


  • Submerge and rinse off, turn on vibration if needed to shake off the residue. 
  • Soap it up, make sure you really clean it. 
  • Rinse it off, all the soap.
  • Air dry or pat dry – it’s your choice. 


Buy Mimi by Je Joue


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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