Get on the same level with your partner with Match We-Vibe



The ultimate couples sex toy, this toy is fun not only for her but also for him. It has a multitude of uses and can really spice up your sex life. So lets dive into how to use Match by WeVibe.




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Toy Basics


Rechargeable: Yes! It has a magnetic charger. If the light is rapidly blinking it’s charging, it the light on the toy is solid then it’s done charging. The remote takes a battery.
Charge: It takes about 90 minutes to charge, and gives you 120 minutes of play time.   
Waterproof: Yes! Enjoy this beaut anywhere from a lake to the shower and everywhere in between.
Lube: Water-based, this toy is covered in silicone – when you have sex with the toy inserted you want to make sure you have lube on either the penis or the toy to ensure a smooth slide in. 
Motors: 2
Intensity Levels: 10 – 3 levels and 7 vibration patterns.
Travel Lock: no
Warranty: 2 years baby! 


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Toy Instructions


Charge Your Toy

It’s a magnetic charger so attach the cord to your toy and the usb to an adapter.

Hold down the button for 1 second to turn on the toy. Hold down the button for 2 seconds to turn it off. Click the button to go through vibration patterns.

Controlling The Toy (Option 1)
Turn The Toy On With The Remote

Hold down the top arrow for 2 seconds to turn on the toy. Hold down the bottom arrow for 3 seconds to turn off the toy.

The right button increases in vibration patterns. The left button goes back to the previous pattern. This allows you to easily switch back and forth between vibration patterns.

Change Vibration Patterns
Change Intensity

Click the top button to increase the intensity of the vibration. Use the bottom button to decrease the intensity.

Use water-based lube and slip the toy inside the vagina. The thinner flat side goes inside resting against the g-spot while the larger piece is snuggled against the clit.

Where To Place The Toy
How Penetration Works With The Toy

Use water-based lube before penetration, go in gently to start so you can both feel it out.

Taking the remote and make sure the toy is next to the remote. Hold down the button for 5 seconds, your toy will pulse twice.

Pair The Remote
Pair The Remote

Hit the left arrow after the toy pulsates twice and they toy will be synced. Be sure to test it to make sure it works.


The Toy


The ReBuy WeVibe Match




  • Submerge toy under faucet and rinse off any extra residue.
  • Soap up entire toy and lather it up.
  • Rinse toy off with water, make you’ve gotten all the ridges.
  • Place in a clean area and air dry or pat dry.


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This toy is silicone so you need a water-based lube, a thick water-based lube such as a jelle would be a great option. Below are water-based recommendations.



More information on water-based lube here.


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Video Guide


Check out my video on the Match:


YouTube video


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