Petite but powerful, this wand is magical!

how to use le wand petite

A few things to know about Le Wand… Their a woman founded company, whose sole idea was to excel the pleasure of women. 
They have an array of toys in stunning colors and because they really understand the female body they know just how to use their powers for good. This beaut also has a flexible head that makes sure you hit the spot you want. 
They’ve created this toy in not only a typical size but also a petite size which is what we will be going over today. 

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Le Wand Petite Basics

Rechargeable: Yes, holding it’s charge at about an hour is what they state. However I’ve had this toy easily last me a week. 
Charge: The light in the center blinks to let you know it’s charging then stops blinking to let you know its fully charged. It takes about 2 hours to charge. 
Waterproof: No, this toy is sprinkle proof, not waterproof. This mean you can clean it properly and use it however you want except in the water. They state you can take it in the shower, I would advise against  that just to ensure the longevity of the toy. 
Lube: Water-based because the head of the toy is silicone.
Motors: One, in the head of the toy. 
Vibrations: 10 vibe strengths
Vibration Patterns: 6 different vibe patterns including straight vibration.
Clean: Use water and soap to cleanse the area.
Warranty: Yes, for one year after purchase. 

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How To Use Le Wand Petite: 

Charge the toy:

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Turn On:

Click the plus button

how to use le wand petite

Turn Off:

Hold down the minus sign

Control Vibration Patterns

Click through to change from straight vibration to vibration patterns

how to use le wand petite


You can choose to spread the lips or not, placing it on the clit

From the side

how to use le wand petite

Travel Lock

Press the on/off  buttons at the same time for 3 seconds to turn on/off the travel lock.

Various ways to use the toy

-You can quite literally use this toy to take out muscle kinks. 
-You can use it during sex on the clit, with the size of the handle, it makes it easy for you or your partner to hold in place. 
-Turning on a lower vibration, you can use it to tease the nipples. 
-In addition to teasing the nipples, you can also use it to tease other erogenous zones. This easy to manipulate vibration wand lets you really cater and indulge in tease and orgasming the way you want. 

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Lube For Le Wand Petite

Because this toy has a silicone head you will need to use a water-based lube.

Here are some recommendations:

Here’s a guide to water-based lube.

Cleaning The Le Wand Petite

Cleaning this toy isn’t hard, I recommend rinsing off the used area. If the area you need to clean is on the handle then I would wet a wash cloth and wipe it off.
After apply soap to desired area rubbing it in and rinsing it off. 
You can choose to either air dry or pat the toy dry. 

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Check out my Youtube Video on Guide To: Le Wand Petite

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