How do you Bad Bitch? In the car? At a club? Does it really matter where you bad bitch? Personally, so long you don’t get caught, I believe you can bad bitch anywhere you want.



Bad Bitch Basics



Rechargeable: Yes


Charge: It takes 2 hours to charge, 1 hour of play on high, 2 hours of play on low.


The light will blink indicating the toy is charging – once it’s done blinking it’s done charging.   


Waterproof: Yes


Lube: Waterproof


Motors: 1


Intensity Levels: 10


Travel Lock: No


Warranty: Yes, 1 year. (warranties are void when purchased through amazon or ebay)


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Bad Bitch Instructions



Charging Your Bad Bitch

Just plug in your bad bitch and let it charge, it takes about 2 hours to bring it to a full charge.

Turn On Bad Bitch

Hold down the button for 3-4 seconds to turn on the Bad Bitch.

Change Intensities

To change the intensities/patterns just click (don’t hold down) the power button. Click through all the cycles to get to back to level one, or turn off and then turn on to get back to level one.

Turn Off Bad Bitch

To turn off the Bad Bitch just hold down the power button for 3-4 seconds.

Where To Put The Bad Bitch

This is the Ultra Bullet #4 but shows where you can place the Bad Bitch – do NOT insert into the anus, use on the clitoris and surrounding area. Don’t be afraid to explore.

Cleaning Bad Bitch

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It’s water-proof so get it in and under there and really let it sparkle and shine! I would just wash the head unless the handle really needs to be cleaned.


  • Rinse off residue.
  • Soap it up.
  • Rinse it off.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Air dry or pat dry!


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Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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