The Doxy is truly my version of a love/hate relationship. Well, I guess you could say more of a love/disappointment relationship. So here it is, my Doxy wand sex toy review. 







Quick Summary

doxy wand review


The Doxy is a popular toy, it’s got power and strength. It absolutely surprises you and brings you to your knees when you use it!


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Doxy Features

doxy wand review


Material: Head is silicone and the handle is ABS plastic.


Vibrations: It goes up to 9000 RPM


Waterproof: No


Rechargeable: No


Warranty: Yes


First Impressions

doxy wand review


I remember when this came in, it was a super personal purchase. I had just gotten out of a terrible relationship and I was ready to enjoy this wand. I was absolutely giddy when the box came, I tracked it the whole way and waited for the delivery guy.


The box overall was beautiful, there was no fluff and all this extra stuff. It was like they put it on a pedestal and said ‘here you go gorgeous, go have your orgasm’.


It came with everything I needed and I was absolutely in love with it. I’d already read up on the specs, so I carefully washed my Doxy, since it wasn’t waterproof. Then I introduced my kitty and my doxy to one another.


They have a pretty decent array of colors and they have attachments, they also have a variety of handle materials. Like metal and abs plastic. They also have a cordless!


Doxy Goal

doxy wand review


The Doxy is a massager, what’s fantastic about it, is that it’s a deep vibration. So you feel this wand up in your damned soul!
You can use it to literally massage out your kinks, then get kink with it! And the wide head makes it so you never miss where you’re going.
It’s perfect for the clitoris because if you want direction vibration on the clit you can get that, and if you want indirection vibration on your clit you can do that.
Use it with a partner, use it by yourself, use it here, use it there, use everywhere!


My Experience

doxy wand review


Ah, my experience… I love this wand. It’s one of my quickest, fastest and best orgasms I’ve ever had. The head was smooth and fills great. The vibration is just so deep, it’s almost godly, if I could marry this toy… I’d be married.
The Doxy has a plus and minus sign, so I can’t tell you how far up I went. It honestly varied, it just depends on my mood.
The Doxy was really intense, it wasn’t so intense that I found overwhelming and that mainly is because you can determine how intense it gets. The smooth head really just fits where you want it.
This was one of my all time favorite toys, and I used my Doxy all the time. However, I used my Doxy so much that the cushion under the head of the Doxy literally slipped out. I attempted it to fix this but I failed epically and my Doxy was no more.
The disappointment that my favorite toy was now just done for… it’s what disappoints me so much when it comes to this toy.
Why didn’t I use my warranty? Well.. my warranty was up.


Doxy Performance

doxy wand review

So the Doxy version I had purchased, had a cord. I honestly didn’t mind. The length of the cord was long enough I could plug it in and still use it in the middle of my king sized bed.
However, I didn’t like getting the cord tangled up, so I did find that part frustrating. But the handle is nice and long and is very easy to hold.
The strength wasn’t diminished in the least between my thick ass thighs. That power held OOOON, which is part of why I was so impressed.
On top of all of that, the noise factor… there wasn’t one. For the strength and all the power, it was a damn quiet wand.


Pros & Cons

doxy wand review



  • Strong
  • Long Cord
  • Silicone Head
  • Bendy Neck
  • Deep Vibration
  • Color Options
  • Cord and Cordless Options


  • Cord
  • A Little Bulky
  • Durability
  • Not Waterproof


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

doxy wand review


Despite that the Doxy isn’t waterproof and some have a cord… and even despite what happened with mine.. I still feel the cost is fair for what the toy brings to the bedroom.
I wouldn’t call it a steal, but I would absolutely pay for the Doxy because of the power it contains. The buttons are so big and easy to use that just makes you love it more. The handle is also nicely shaped so you can hold a wide or thinner part.
I have no at this time repurchased a Doxy, but I have full intents on it.


Lube Recommendations

doxy wand review


Because the head of the toy is silicone, you want to use water-based lubricant. Any water-based lubricant will do!


Cleaning Doxy

doxy wand review


Cleaning this toy is a breeze. It’s water-proof and silicone and there aren’t any real deep details on the toy. Because of this, you can run it under the tap, soap it up and rinse it off.


Since it’s not waterproof make sure you only get the head of the toy and don’t drench it. Just be careful.


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Doxy Alternatives

doxy wand review



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