From the Layon Collection by Satisfyer you have Dark Desire. This bouncing bullet is intense, it’s strong and the added some creativity when they came up with it. This is the ultimate guide to Dark Desire by Satisyfer.

Dark Desire Basics

ultimate guide on dark desire satisfyer


Rechargeable: You know it.


Charge: Taking 3.5 hours to charge giving you 1 hour of play.


The light will blink indicating the toy is charging – once it’s done blinking it’s done charging.   


Waterproof: Take a dip in a pool, cause this beauty is waterproof!


Lube: Water-Based because it’s covered in body friendly silicone, which means no silicone lube.


Motors: 1


Intensity Levels: 15 total, low, medium and high with 12 vibration patterns.


Travel Lock: No it doesn’t.

Warranty: 15 years! How could you say no! 


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Dark Desire Instructions

ultimate guide on dark desire satisfyer

Charge Dark Desire

It’s a magnetic charger so just put the USB into an adapter and charge. It takes about 3.5 hours for a full charge.

Turn On/Off

Hold down the ‘+’ sign for 1-2 seconds to turn the toy on and the same to turn it off.

Change Intensity

Use the ‘+’ sign to increase the vibration. Use the ‘-‘ sign to decrease the vibration.

Where To Put Dark Desire

The bullet has a variety of uses, but is typically used on the clit. Here’s where it goes.

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Cleaning Dark Desire

ultimate guide on dark desire satisfyer


This toy is water proof so you can submerge this beauty. 


  • Rinse off with water and turn it on to shake out any residue in the textured back.

  • Soap it up, soap up the entire back, it’s textured so you have to really get in there. 

  • Rinse off toy really well, turn it on to let the residue vibrate it’s way out as you rinse it all out.

  • Air dry or pat dry, the choice is yours! 


Lube Recommendations

ultimate guide on dark desire satisfyer

This silicone coated toy is meant to be used by water based lube, and here are my recommendations:


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