The Dark Desire by Satisfyer is a fat bullet with a ribbed side, for your pleasure! Sleek in size and color, lets find out if it’s just what you need to satisfy you!





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Quick Summary


Dark Desire by Satisfyer is a fat bullet that is rechargeable and does have strength to it. It’s got solid mix between a rumble and buzzy sensation when it comes to the vibration. You’ve also got multiple sides to use which means more variety.


Dark Desire Features


Material: Silicone & ABS Plastic


Vibrations: 5 Intensity Strengths & 10 Vibration Patterns


Waterproof: Yup!


Rechargeable: Yes it is!


Warranty: 15 long ol years


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First Impression


Opening the box, it was sleek and neat, Satisfyers focus on hygiene is something that should be noted. While I always clean my toy before I use it the first time, their approach to being as clean as possible is something that I do appreciate.


Dark Desire has some heft to it, but not so heavy that it hurts your wrist. The ridges reach the around the sizes just a little living you the option to use it smooth or enjoy the ridges.


The Dark Desire only comes in one color, which is black, but it does go with the whole theme Satisfyer has for the collection. While it doesn’t come with a bag, it does come with the charger.


Its a great little bullet, that’s inexpensive for a little fun. If you are a beginner and want to explore bullet types, this is perfect for you.


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Desire Dark Goal

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


The Dark Desire is a bullet that can be used on any part of the body. It’s great however for clitoral stimulation, you can use to stimulate other areas of the body. Just let your imagination wander and you’ll see all you can do with this fat bullet.


What makes it a fat bullet? The width of the bullet is what makes it a fat bullet. This gives you a large area to make sure you are stimulating the desired area. You also have the edges of the bullet that are great for pinpointing the area that you want.


This is absolutely a toy you can use with a partner, you can use it by yourself or exploring their body with it! It’s small but it has a lot of surface area to stimulate a variety of areas on your partner.


My Experience

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


The question of the review… did I orgasm? Yes, but it wasn’t super intense. The ridges are what helped push me over the edge but they weren’t dramatic enough that it really increased a lot for me… it was a great little toy to run along my body and ignite my sense.


I went to the max level, I ended up using the edge of the toy to pinpoint my clitoris. I avoided the patterns but I went up to level 5. I wish it was more rumbly or more intense when it comes to the vibration.


It was easy on my vagina, but the ribbed area wasn’t something I totally felt.. I wish it was more dramatic when it came to the ribbed part.


I feel like this is a great starter bullet for somebody who wants to explore with sex toys, for somebody who really knows what she likes.. it’s not for me.


Dark Desire Performance

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


As with all Satisfyer toys, it takes forever for the battery to charge. However the battery did last, I always pop on my Satisfyer toys before I go to bed so they’re ready the following day.

The buttons on the Dark Desire are easy to navigate, you get a plus and minus sign that are super easy to use. Those two buttons control everything that has to do with the toy as well.


My biggest issue with the toy was holding it, it was a little awkward. I didn’t want to hit the buttons, so it wasn’t the easiest to hold. It wasn’t noisy and the vibration lasted even through my thickem thighs. Unfortunately it just wasn’t really the toy for me.


Pros & Cons

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review



  • Gently ribbed
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • Wide surface area
  • 15 Year Warranty


  • Rumbly but not rumbly enough
  • No travel lock
  • Not strong enough (for me)


Is The Money Worth The Orgasm?

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


If you want a starter toy, this is perfect. The price is great, its made out of pure silicone and its got some texture. This would also be fantastic for somebody who is more on the sensitive side when it comes to vibrations. With a wide surface area you can encompass the surrounding area and still have plenty of strength to stimulate desired areas.


Its also a great toy for anybody in a relationship that wants to try out toys for the first time with their partner. If you like a deeper rumble however, this probably isn’t for you, it’s not one that I’ll be using again as it just isn’t for me.


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Lube Recommendations

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


Because this toy is made of silicone, you want to use water-based lubricant.


Cleaning Dark Desire

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review


Cleaning this toy is a breeze. It’s water-proof and silicone, it does have ridges so you want to make sure you get inside those ridges. Just rinse it off, soap it up and rinse it back off. You can always take a wash cloth to add a little extra scrubbing if you desire. After you have the soap rinsed off, you can air or pat dry.


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Dark Desire Alternatives

dark desire layons satisfyer sex toy review



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