Wipe on, wipe off! Leave the gettin’ dirty to your sex toys! Ultimate guide to cleaning your sex toys.



Infections can happen if you don’t clean your sex toy properly. And your genitals are the last area you want to have an infection on top of that you can transfer that bacteria to a partner… nobody wants that! 


So how exactly do you clean you sex toys? What should you do? From fleshlights to dildos we’ll be covering it all. 


You want to make sure that you clean the entire toy properly. You should listen to what the directions of the product always says about cleaning! But if it doesn’t have any directions, you’ll find them below. So here’s what to do when cleaning a sex toy.


What you need: 


  • Water (preferably warm/hot) 
  • Soap! I always recommend sex toy cleaner, however you can also use a non-fragrant, anti-bacterial soap.
  • Clean towel (optional)


Sex Toy Cleaner VS Antibacterial Soap


how to clean sex toys


I recommend toy cleaner, I sincerely do! It’s soap that is meant to clean toys, I mean you wouldn’t use laundry detergent to wash your hair. 


With that being said, you can also use antibacterial soap, that is unscented! You can use this if you don’t really want to buy toy cleaner.


This toy is going into your genitals, you want to make sure that you clean it properly, so use the proper soap. 


Cleaning Silicone/ABS Plastic 


how to clean sex toys




WARNING: I am not talking about splash-proof toys, toys with replaceable batteries or toys that do NOT state water-proof on the box/instructions. 


  • Place the toy under warm water, if the toy still has charge, turn it on. Let it run for just a moment under the water turned on to shake off anything extra as you rinse it off. 


  • Turn the toy off and remove from water using a wet paper towel/wash cloth wipe off what you can.


  • Using a toy cleaner or antibacterial soap, go ahead and put some on the toy. Rub the soap over the entire toy, be sure to get in any nooks or crannies. 


  • Put the toy back under the water, turn on the toy if it still has charge and use your hand/paper towel/wash cloth to get off any extra soap or residue.


  • Put the toy on to towel or clean area and pat dry or let air dry.  


  • If you are having trouble getting the toy clean, you can soak it for a few minutes in a bowl. I suggest turning on the toy for some of those minutes to help shake off whatever might be on the toy. Re-soap toy after.




I am referring to battery operated toys or splash proof toys for these specific cleaning instructions. 


WARNING: Remove the batteries from the toy if they’re easily removable and set them aside. If you can’t easily remove the batteries, be cautious with how wet you get the toy. 


There are two ways to wash your battery operated/splash proof toys


Cloth Method


  • Turn the toy off and remove batteries, get a wet paper towel/wash cloth and wipe it off, get off any residue. 


  • Put soap directly onto the toy and then rub it in, cleaning the toy. Avoid the battery area and control area. 


  • If the battery or control area need to be cleaned, wipe them down and clean them gently, you don’t want to get liquid into these areas. The reason is so you don’t destroy the controls. 


  • Once you have soaped up the toy, grab another wet paper towel or washcloth and wipe it down. Wipe it down twice to be sure you get all of the soap off. 


  • Put your toy down on a clean towel or clean area and then pat or air dry. 


Sink Method


  • Turn the toy off and remove batteries, be sure to know where the control panel and batteries area is.


  • Place the toy under the water, avoid the control panel and battery area, rinse off any residue. 


  • Using toy cleaner or antibacterial soap, rub the toy down being sure to get in all the nooks and crannies. 


  • Gently rinse the toy off avoid the control center and battery area. If you need to get to an area that you’re worried about, use a paper towel or washcloth to wipe it off and clean the trickier areas. 


  • Put your toy down on a clean towel or clean area and then pat dry or air dry. 


Cleaning Glass/Stainless Steel


how to clean sex toys


WARNING: These directions are for toys that do not have batteries or plastic parts (like metal nipple clamps), they are solid stainless steel/metal/glass toys. 


With these toys you can actually boil them, put them in the dishwasher or use soap and water. You don’t have to boil or put them in a dishwasher, however if the toys are used anally then I do highly suggest boiling the toy at the least. 


In order to clean them if you choose not to boil them, then clean them like a Silicone/ABS rechargeable toy, as shown above. 


Boiling Method


  • Boil a pot of water, do NOT fill it to the brim. You need to be able to put the entire toy into the pot. 


  • Rinse off your toy before boiling it. You want to get rid of any residue that may be on the toy so you can properly disinfect it. 


  • Lower the water to a simmer so water isn’t jumping everywhere, after the water has come to a boil. Using prongs place the toy gently in the water, dropping it in will splash water everywhere. 


  • If you have a top for the pot, put the top onto the pot. If not then it’s okay, just flip the toy over half way through your alarm. 


  • You want to boil your toy for about 8-10 minutes. 


  • Using prongs remove your toy and place it on a clean towel, I suggest air drying the toy since it will be hot. 


Dishwasher Method


Yup you can clean your toys in the dishwasher! I don’t suggest cleaning them with your other dishes but you can run a load for your toys. 


  • Only have toys in the dishwasher, I suggest putting them on the top rack. 


  • Do not put detergent into the dishwasher, you don’t need to put any soap into the dishwasher. 


  • Rinse off the toy before you place in the top rack, you want to get off any residue.


  • Run your dishwasher, like a regular load. The steam will clean your toy, since it will also dry it, you can put it away after. 


These are options for giving your toys a deep thorough clean, you can as I said prior clean them like a silicone/ABS plastic rechargeable toy. 


Cleaning Cyberskin


how to clean sex toys


Cyberskin is commonly used for male masturbators, it’s not hard to clean but it should absolutely be cleaned. 


  • Remove cyberskin from container if it is in one, most cyberskin is used for male masturbators, if able to do so safely.


  • Flip the cyberskin inside out, if it’s a male masturbator you should be able to do this, exposing the used part, again only do so if you can safely.


  • Rinse off the cyberskin to get off any excess residue, using warm water. 


  • Using toy cleaner or antibacterial soap, soap up the toy, you can use your hand to soap it up or use a washcloth. If you do use your hand, make circular motions with your fingers to get in all the nooks and crannies. 


  • Rinse off the soap thoroughly and then let it air dry. You can pat it dry to speed up the drying process and then let it air dry. 


  • Cyberskin needs to be powdered after its dry. You can use the cyberskin powder that is recommended by the toy company or you can use corn starch and lightly dust the cyberskin with the corn starch. Make sure the toy is FULLY dry before placing on powder. 


The powder keeps the cyberskin from breaking apart or sticking together making it icky. 


Cleaning Leather


how to clean sex toys


Leather is SUPER porous, which means you have to clean it properly! Why does it being porous matter? Porous means bacteria can hide and grow and you don’t want that! So let’s get to cleaning it. 


  • Wipe off the leather to get off extra residue. If there is an area that is more covered than other areas then try to contain it to that area. You don’t want to smear the residue around if you don’t need to. 


  • Wet down the leather, don’t soak it, just wet it down. 


  • Using antibacterial soap you need to put some soap onto your fingers and then gently rub it in circular motions onto the leather.


You can put the soap directly onto the leather, I feel as though I have more control when I put it on my fingers however. You can also put soap on a washcloth and use it on the leather as well, if you prefer. 


  • Rinse the leather off with warm/hot water, you want to rinse it off thoroughly. 


  • Pat the leather piece dry and then leave it out to air dry completely. 


And just like that you have clean toys! So let’s go over some things not to do. 


What NOT To Do


how to clean sex toys


  • Do NOT put them in the oven to clean them. 


  • Do NOT scrub them with a steel pad, cleaning brush or anything that could damage the surface of the toy. 


  • Do NOT boil toys that don’t need to be boiled. Only boil the toys that are permitted to be boiled.


  • Do NOT soak toys for longer than 10 minutes, the toy shouldn’t be left to just soak.


  • If the toy is sticky and you’ve washed it, do NOT use it. If it’s sticky and isn’t washing off, then chances are the material has melted and the toy is no longer useable. 


Commonly Asked Questions


how to clean sex toys


Can I use hand sanitizer to clean my toys?


I have had people- yes multiple people- tell me they that use hand sanitizer to clean their toy. There is no reason ever to use hand sanitizer to clean your toy. I understand it contains alcohol, I understand that it kills bacteria, however is isn’t meant to be used on your sex toy. 


How often should I wash my sex toys and do I need to wash them before I use them? 


It is highly recommend to wash them before you use them and after you use them. Why the double wash? Once you store your toy, no matter how safe, you just never know if something got on it and it’s going inside you. 


Do you have to do the double wash? No, but it is highly recommended. You do however need to wash it after you use it. 


Can I use UV lights on all my toys? 


UV lights are best used on super porous items, you can use them on all toys. Personally, I don’t have a UV light, but they are a great option to clean your toys. I don’t have a lot of information on them, I am familiar with them, I just don’t have one yet. 


Can I use it right out of the box?


No, do NOT use your sex toys right out of the box. Please! Do NOT do that! People have touched them for inspection, put them in the box and more. They aren’t used sexually but they have been handled by people. You want to make sure you wash your toy when you get home and give it a good charge. 


Do I need condoms for my toys? 


This is up to you, if the toy is solely yours and only used on you, then you do not need to use a condom on your toy. However, if you share the toy, then I do suggest using a condom on the toy for your protection and whoever else uses it. 


Cleaning your toys is a crucial part of using them, its not the most exciting part of having them but it taking proper care of them makes them last longer and is good for you. Take care of your toys, take care of your body! 


Toy Cleaner Recommendations


how to clean sex toys



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