How To Use: Earthly Body CBD Love Button

Earthly Body’s Love Button is a CBD infused cream that is great for the clitoris as well other areas of the body! And here is a guide on how to use Earthly Body CBD Love Button!   Why CBD? Well CBD helps increase sensitivity by dragging the blood to the surface of the area so […]

How To Use: Anal Glide

Anal August is here! And you may want some help sticking it up your butt, so here I am!    Anal Glide is a numbing lubricant, it’s specifically made for the anus so you can safely stick things up your bum and reduce the possible pain. It’s okay, we all struggle at some point with […]

How To Use On Ice Arousal

how to use on ice arousal

Start ya screamin with On Ice Arousal     On Ice Arousal is a clitoral stimulant, to arouse and help push you over that sweet delicious edge into bliss.    This arousal stimulant is meant to increase sensitivity in the clitoris, creating more powerful orgasms.   I’ve personally used this and can totally attest that […]

How To Use Stud 100

last longer in bed

Don’t stop, get it, get it!     Stud 100 is a popular brand, they prolong your sex play by delaying your come time.    How Does Stud 100 Work?   This spray contains lidocaine – not lidocaine you can get at the dentist or anything! So please buy this product which is meant for […]