How To Use: Satisfyer Twirling Joy

Twirling Joy takes ‘just the tip’ to a whole new level! It’s pin point precision and intensity are fun to explore. Here’s what you need to know about your new toy!   via GIPHY   Toy Basics   Rechargeable: You know it.   Charge: Yup! 4.5 hours to full charge. It’s unclear how long it […]

How To Use: Suga Stick by Rock Candy

Hit that sweet spot with the Suga Stick by Rock Candy. It’s unique design provides you with an array of fun ways to use it on your partner.     This fun stick is part of the Rock Candy collection, it’s totally inspired by candy that’s meant to hit that sweet spot. So here’s what […]

How To Use Zumio S

how to use zumio s

This revolutionary toy was made by women for women and it’s awesome.   Have you heard of the Zumio? Have you experienced the beauty of the Zumio? Now I have a guide for you on how to use Zumio.      This toothbrush shaped toy not only has awesome power but a variety of ways […]