How To Use: Mini Halo

Forget the halo, this toy is devious! Here’s the break down of how to use it and what you need to know about your new adventure with Mini Halo.   via GIPHY You’ll find a complete break down on how to use Mini Halo by Voodoo below. Everything from how to charge to discovering levels […]

How To Use: Le Wand

The Oh La La, the wham bam thank you ma’am, the Yes Oh Yes!!! The Le Wand, it’s got power, it’s got rechargeable and here’s how you use it.   I’ve gone over the petite size now it’s time to discover the large one.    Toy Basics   Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: 3 hours to […]

How To Use: Le Wand Petite

Petite but powerful, this wand is magical!       Le Wand is a woman founded company with the goal of making orgasms the best you can have! They have an array of toys in stunning colors making this beaut incredible!   With a flexible head that hits the spot, it’s power will surprise you. […]