How To Use: Satisfyer Pro 2 and 3 things you have to try!

Satisfy your needs with the Satisfyer Pro 2!     The Satisfyer Pro 2, is meant to Satisfy Her!  While it’s similar to the Womanizer, it is still a very notable toy that is makin waves in more than one way!    The company has won a lot of awards for their toys and you […]

How To Use: Form 2 by Jimmy Jane and 5 must know things!

form 2 sex toy review

Transform from tense to utter delight with the Form 2 by Jimmy Jane   Ah the Jimmy Jane Form 2, this marvelous toy is fun to use and in more than one way. It’s fork like figure creates genuine desire.    This Form isn’t actually number 2 in a succession of these shaped toys. Jimmy […]

How To Use: Le Wand Petite

Petite but powerful, this wand is magical!   A few things to know about Le Wand… Their a woman founded company, whose sole idea was to excel the pleasure of women.    They have an array of toys in stunning colors and because they really understand the female body they know just how to use […]

How To Use: Nova by WeVibe

The rabbit redesigned with flexibility for you!     Use it by yourself or with somebody else. The Nova is extraordinary for more than one reason. The shape, the flexibility… oh my! Let’s dive into it all!   Before we dive into the toy, I want to give you a quick break down of the toy’s […]

How To Use: Womanizer Liberty

Liberate your orgasm, learn how to use the womanizer!   This revolutionary toy has taken storm of the sex toy industry! It’s changed things in an incredible way and made lots of women very happy. I hope you enjoy this Guide To: Womanizer Liberty   Before we dive into all of the above lets discuss a […]

How To Use: Layon Sweet Temptation

Fall into this temptation with the Layon Sweet Temptation   Satisfyer has come up with some clever ways to make you come! One of these is their Ice Cream cone, and it will so make you cream.      So lets dive into this delectable dessert and how to use Layon Sweet Temptation!!    Toy […]