Crossfire Series Book Review

Crossfire Book Series    By Sylvia Day      If you are into erotic literature and don’t know what to dive into next, well then! I just may have the next big book series for you.    The only way this series can compare to Fifty Shades of Grey is the fact that it’s about […]

Debt Inheritance By Pepper Winters Book Review

  Debt Inheritance    By: Pepper Winters    Spill it    Oh wow… Where do I start with Debt Inheritance by Pepper Winters? So there’s this girl and she works in fashion, her whole family does… What she doesn’t know is the dark secret that her family hides.   This dark secret is revealed through […]

Stark Saga By J Kenner Book Review

Stark Saga  By: J. Kenner Welcome to my Stark Saga, or trilogy whatever floats your boat, book review. Recap Mystery douche dude smizes his way into ex-beauty queens arms during huge Hollywood party. Of course he had the typical idea of ‘I get what I want because I’m super duper famous and bitches love me!’ […]

The Wilde Side Series By Janelle Denison

  The Wilde Side     By: Janelle Denison   Recap    In the first book the girl is a phone sex operator, this is why the book intrigued me… Phone sex operator finds love in a bad boy? I mean uh duh! It’s all good and dandy and I’m happy, thinking that we get […]

Chase By M.L. Young

  Chase    by M.L. Young      Spill It   Obnoxious, know-it-all, self-centered dude from LA, the only type of dude in LA… just kidding! Meets girl, who he says is totally not his type in the beginning so you know he’s totally going to be her type, I mean duh! The whole series […]