Got A Penis? Here’s 4 Ways To Last Longer In Bed!

how to last longer in bed

Go the distance! In bed!     It happens to everybody… at some point.. You try to hold back but it feels so good… then bang bam bum! You’ve cum… and all too soon. So let’s go over how to last longer in bed!    The disappointed look blinks on your partners face before they […]

How To Have A Threesome

Gettin Some In A Threesome!     Onesome, twosome, screw it do a threesome!    I will be going over how to have a proper threesome, the in’s the outs the and realism that you need to know! I also have a few simple tips and tricks to make your kinky threesome stay sexy.   […]

Don’t Let Distance Delay Your Sex Life!

Don’t let distance keep you from your orgasms! Keep the sexual connection alive with these tips and tricks!     90 Day Fiancé really makes me wonder how these couples keep it sexy! Well don’t just wonder, know how to keep your long distance relationship sexy and 3 things to you’ll be aching to try! […]

A Bullet, A Rabbit and A Vibe Walk Into A Bar.

How To Use These 3 Sex Toys.  Sex toys! The guaranteed orgasm! I’ve got the basics on these 3 for you! The bullet, the vibrator and the rabbit.   We see sex toys all over the place, the funky shapes… but where do we stick em? How do we use? What should you know about em?  Let’s […]

How To Use Bullet Vibrators and 5 ways you can use them!

how to use bullet vibes

Buzzz your way into an orgasm with these bullets!     Small but mighty the bullet vibrator is a valuable toy that should be in every collection. Not only is it strong but its extremely versatile, and seriously you should have it in your collection! If you do then great! Here’s 5 of ways you […]

Can you watch porn in a relationship?

Is it a foursome if you watch porn with your partner???     Porn! You either love it or hate it! What do I mean by that? Well you’re either for it or think it’s wrong. Despite porn having a category for literally EVERYBODY! It’s still super taboo.    Ok cool whatever… what do you […]

What is silicone lube and how to use it?

Silicone! I’m not talkin’ tits babe, I’m talk lube.      I like lube and I can not lie. My lovers can’t deny! Hahaha, seriously… I love lube! Silicone is a great lube, so let’s go over what silicone lube is and how to use it!   What is silicone lube?   The difference between […]

Got lube? How to use Water Based lube!

Got Questions? Lube’s the answer! Why do I love water based lube? Oh there are sooo many reasons!   Before I go into the wonders of water-based lube, then I should admit something…  I used to be ‘anti-lube’, I was like ‘psh! I get wet all on my own! Why do I need that? It’s for old […]

What’s BDSM? And the 7 best rules you need to know!

  Whips and chains may bruise my butt but that’s how you know I’m kinky!   Lets explore what BDSM is!      What is BDSM?   What does it mean? Are there rules in the BDSM world? Does it involve pain? What’s a safe word? Let’s discuss it all and more!   Let’s break […]

21 of the best fetishes that seem totally PG!

21 unexpected fetishes. As you’re aware a fetish is like a sexual craving that’s considered ‘not typical’, and here are 21 of best fetishes that seem so normal yet so odd.  1.Balloon Fetish This is a balloon fetish, and people who indulge in this are called looners. The sight of a balloon (yes, the helium […]