Ultimate Guide To Anal Training

Ultimate Guide To Anal Training

Lets whip the booty hole into shape and get you into anal training camp! Just kidding, you can train your anus on your own, and here’s what you need to know.      What Is Anal Training?  Anal training is defined as training the anus for anal sex, in fact as many as 35% heterosexual […]

Ultimate Guide to Silicone Lube

Lets talk Silicone and I’m not talkin bout boobies! Silicone lubricant is the never-ending slip n slide of lubricant. Let’s dive into what you need to know about silicone lubricants!    What Is Silicone Lube?   The main ingredient for silicone lubricant is Dimethicone, there are other ingredients typically added to it, however those vary […]

Ultimate Guide To Strokers and Sleeves.

ultimate guide to strokers and sleeves

Push it! Push it real good! That’s what I think of whenever I think of strokers or sleeves… but who can deny what a great song that is? So here’s what you need to know on how to use stokers and sleeves.     What Are Strokers And Sleeves?    Sleeves are a masturbation tool for […]

Ultimate Guide To Kegels

ultimate guide to kegels

Ah the Kegel, the discreet workout you can do anytime, anywhere. So long you have a vagina, then you’re set!      What Are Kegel Balls?    Kegel balls are balls that are attached a string and inserted into the vagina. Once inserted, the vagina will clench and hold the balls in. What does this […]

Ultimate Guide To Cock Rings

Ah the cock ring, while many know what the vibrating cock is for, how many know what other types there are? Cock rings have a variety of uses and can be a lot of fun!    What are benefits of a cock ring? It helps strength your erection, it can help you last longer, it […]

Ultimate Guide To Tips

Since the Zumio made it’s appearance, tips have been taking off. And here is what you need to know about what they are, if you want to try and where they go!     The benefit they offer is direct stimulation to the desired area. In addition to that, they typically have a larger handle […]

Ultimate Guide To Anal Beads

ultimate guide to anal beads

Anal beads, beads on a rope, but not literal beads. Whenever I think of these I am reminded of the end part of a bad joke about ripping them out like you would a lawn mower… OUCH! But if you know how to use them properly, you’ll be fine.      Anal beads, what are […]

Ultimate Guide To G-Spot Vibrator

ultimate guide to g-spot vibrators

The G-Spot vibrator, made to stimulate that special spot. Located about 2 inches inside the vaginal canal on the ‘roof’ of the vagina. The g-spot can actually cause ejaculation if stimulated properly. (Healthline)   G-Spot Vibrators, what are they? How do g-spot vibrators work? How do I use a g-spot vibrator? All these questions and […]

Ultimate Guide To Massagers

ultimate guide to a massager

Massagers, what are they? How do Massagers work? How do I use a massager? All these questions and more answered below! Here is the ultimate guide to Massagers also known as Wands.     What Are Massagers?     Massagers, also known as wands are toys that have a long handle with a head that […]

Ultimate Guide To Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbits, what are they? How do rabbits work? How do I use a rabbit? All these questions and more answered below! This is the ultimate guide to rabbit vibrators.   Sex toys are marvelous! And knowing how to use them properly can really help boost your pleasure. These are what you need to know on […]