How To Use: Earthly Body CBD Love Button

Earthly Body’s Love Button is a CBD infused cream that is great for the clitoris as well other areas of the body! And here is a guide on how to use Earthly Body CBD Love Button!   Why CBD? Well CBD helps increase sensitivity by dragging the blood to the surface of the area so […]

How To Use: Satisfyer Twirling Joy

Twirling Joy takes ‘just the tip’ to a whole new level! It’s pin point precision and intensity are fun to explore. Here’s what you need to know about your new toy!   via GIPHY   Toy Basics   Rechargeable: You know it.   Charge: Yup! 4.5 hours to full charge. It’s unclear how long it […]

How To Use: Mini Halo

Forget the halo, this toy is devious! Here’s the break down of how to use it and what you need to know about your new adventure with Mini Halo.   via GIPHY You’ll find a complete break down on how to use Mini Halo by Voodoo below. Everything from how to charge to discovering levels […]

How To Use: Satisfyer Connect App

Satisfyer has come out with an app so you can control you or your partner can control your toy and experience more. This is my break down on how to use the Satisfyer Connect App!   Here’s a complete break down on how to use Satisfyer Connect App below. Everything from how to charge to […]

How To Use: Rose by Icicles

The rose butt plug by Icicles, it’s delicate and beautiful! Carrying a little weight, this glass toy is a lot of fun and here’s everything you need to know!   via GIPHY Toy Basics   Batteries: None, it’s pure glass!   Waterproof: Absolutely, take this toy wherever you desire.   Lube: You can use whatever lube […]

How To Use: Rose By Inya

The ever coveted Rose! It’s made a boom on social media, it’s having trouble staying in stock and I’ve had many a question regarding it. So here’s my breakdown of the Rose by Inya and here’s how it works!   via GIPHY   Toy Basics   Rechargeable: You know it.   Charge: Taking  2.5 hours […]

How To Use: Anal Glide

Anal August is here! And you may want some help sticking it up your butt, so here I am!    Anal Glide is a numbing lubricant, it’s specifically made for the anus so you can safely stick things up your bum and reduce the possible pain. It’s okay, we all struggle at some point with […]

How To Use: Suga Stick by Rock Candy

Hit that sweet spot with the Suga Stick by Rock Candy. It’s unique design provides you with an array of fun ways to use it on your partner.     This fun stick is part of the Rock Candy collection, it’s totally inspired by candy that’s meant to hit that sweet spot. So here’s what […]

How To Use: Le Wand

The Oh La La, the wham bam thank you ma’am, the Yes Oh Yes!!! The Le Wand, it’s got power, it’s got rechargeable and here’s how you use it.   I’ve gone over the petite size now it’s time to discover the large one.    Toy Basics   Rechargeable: Yes it is!    Charge: 3 hours to […]

How To Use: Oh Mi Bod

Cuddle up with the Love Life from Oh Mi Bod. With a heart shaped interface it makes this toy an easy to use vibrator.    Body safe silicone make this toy smooth and soft with a soft curve to give you all the pleasure you deserve.    Below you’ll discover how to use it and where […]