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Meow meow baby, drop into that CAT position from Sex Life and get yourself an orgasm. 



What am I talking about?


 If you’ve seen all of sex life then you’ve gotten to the part where she falls into a life changing orgasm and other bliss over the Coital Alignment Technique. After seeing this maneuver I had to venture into what it is, what it means and how it happened. I just don’t get how Billy (the main character) had such an intense connection, incredible orgasms that she thinks about 8 years later, but marries another guy. 


I mean is it an interesting story, yes, absolutely it’s riveting! And the Adam Demos sex scenes and shower scenes… yummy! Totally spank bank worthy! The show in general did actually do a lot of unexpected things that I was not anticipating but it was a lot of fun to watch I will admit. 


Now while I don’t know who to root for, I do know that Brad has a technique that’ll have everybody begging for more! 


We enter in episode four, after or during a party and they’re in the sheets… enjoying a little missionary, it looks as though he’s gettin it on with her belly button… but then she narrates the scene. Billy tells us how incredible he is at sex, how he’s got skill that would bring Aphrodite to her knees. And I’m like ok… but he’s doin the wham bam to your belly ma’am.. how is that good? Then she says ‘it’s the Coital Alignment Technique’.   


Those 3 words perked my interest, I hadn’t heard of this technique… but now I have. Now I get it, now I understand why it’s what missionary should be. 


The Coital Alignment Technique also known as the CAT position has been called by many a twist on the missionary position. The goal for this position is ultimate stimulation, for both partners that brings you both to orgasm purely through this position. 


According to give Psychology Today – the Coil Alignment Technique is a technique that does need some explaining so you can achieve it. But if you summed it up in a sentence, it’s penetration with the rubbing of the clitoris from his pubic bone. 


Where does it come from?


In 1988 there was a sex researcher  Edward Eichel  decided that while you can’t reinvent the wheel, you can reinvent the missionary position and so he did. This position is made to benefit the receiving partner as much as the giving partner. Eichel perfected this technique to help women orgasm through the missionary position. Now does that mean it didn’t exist prior to then? Absolutely not, however Eichel is the sex researched who was determined to coin this technique and brought the position into the bedroom for all to enjoy! 


Now when he came out with this technique it actually made some waves. It made headlines, people were talking about it, and the technique had it’s boom! Despite the waves made, by the early 1990s people kind of forgot about it, and moved on to other sex positions and things. Leave it to Netflix to do the ultimate kinky throwback. 


They actually did a study on it and it lasted for eight weeks. They used 36 women all heterosexual, with their partners and none of these women were able to have an orgasm during missionary position so they trained in this missionary with a twist position and there it was reported that 56% of the women were able to actually have an orgasm. 


According to Psychology Today they describe the cat technique as ‘instead of the man lying on top of the woman’s chest to chest with his penis moving more or less horizontally the man shifts himself forward so his chest is closer to one of her shoulders. As a result his penis moves more up and down. In other words the man writes higher on the woman’s pelvis and the bony base of his penis makes more contact with the woman’s clitoris. This increases direct clitoral stimulation and may provide enough to let allow her to orgasm.’


So let me break it down further for you, it’s really a see it, read it, try it position. 


The breakdown! (This is heterosexual based)


What to know: 


  1. Before jumping into the position, you need to understand your thrusts. When you penetrate the vagina, the thrusting tends to be upwards which can stimulate the g-spot if done properly. 
  2. For this position you’ll be thrusting more downwards which means you need to pay attention to your thrusts. 
  3. This is not a full on Jack hammer toss me off the bed, put a towel under me as you thrust and we’ll clean the floor as we go position. The focus isn’t harder, the focus is faster or slower depending on your partner. 


What to do: 


  1. Get into your typical missionary position without entering your partner. 
  2. Up on your knees, enter your partner, raise yourself higher on your partner as you enter. As the penetrator your chest should be above your partner’s chest. 

*note: you may not end up balls deeps* 

  1. Don’t stretch, the goal is to shift the entire body so the penetrator’s pelvis is on top of your partner’s pelvis, not stretch to make your body longer over your partners. 
  2. It won’t feel like what your used to, that’s okay, and it will take some adjusting. 
  3. Grind, don’t thrust. The best way to do this is to circle the hips. The circling/grinding stimulating the clit. 
  4. If you’re having trouble with the position, grab a pillow! Place it under your partners butt so you have more access. 


This position is going to take a moment to figure out, while I encourage you to give a solid try, know it’s not for everybody. 


Because this position does rely on grinding to make it as orgasmic for both of you as possible, you can use cock rings! Cock rings are excellent for grinding positions and can really increase the stimulation you’re both providing one another. 


How To Reverse It


If you love this position or you want to switch it up, go ahead and try it in cowgirl position. This position works both ways, here’s what you need to know about doing it in the cowgirl position. 


  1. Get into position! If you’re on top, spread it wide, and get comfortable. 
  2. When performing this position you’re typically leaning forward, not for this technique. You want to lean back. 
  3. Make sure your butt is pulled back too, leaning back onto your partner’s legs or pillows, whatever works best for you. 
  4. Grind it out! This isn’t the wild west, you aren’t riding a horse. Ride your partner slowly and grind it on out. 


The Goal


No matter who’s on top, the goal is to stimulate the clit with penetration at the same time. So make sure your partner is into clit play, this would be a great way to explore if desired with mutual consent. 


While I’ve provided you with all the tools you need to make this happen for you, don’t be afraid to adjust, explore and adventure with it. It won’t work the same for every person, we all have different bodies. 


Cock Ring Recommendations



Let me answer a few questions you may have. 


Will I last longer in this position? 


That all comes down to you! However if you have questions on how to last longer, you can read more here


Can I really have a clitoral orgasm through this missionary type position? 


56% of women saw an increase in orgasms with this technique so it is absolutely a possibility. But you have to work it out to figure out what works best for you and your body. If you are struggling with having an orgasm, try having an orgasm prior to penetration or masturbating prior to get comfortable and excited.


Is grinding as good as thrusting? 


It depends on what you like, but I always recommend switching it up and having some fun with it! Grinding can be more intimate and can be a great way for both of you to slow it down a little and enjoy one another. 


Should I really even bother if I don’t know what I’m doing? 


Heck yes! We all have to learn, both of you may be trying it for the first time. So set aside that whole Hollywood/Porn expectation of what sex should be and uncensor your pleasures with one another. 


Here are some fun lube recommendations to get it goin, you don’t have to use lube, but if you haven’t why not? It makes everything a lot more fun, just look at the slip and slide… good lubrication makes everything more fun. 


Lube Recommendations



Who knew that sex life would really take everybody’s sex life to the next level. It’s a position that I feel may just make another wave in 2021 we’ll see what happens I know I certainly wasn’t expecting that to happen but I do think it’s definitely a way to spice up the missionary position, grow the intimacy and explore. A position created to give you both the orgasms you desire, you deserve and you’ve earned. 


Have a topic you’re interested in or would like me to talk about? Put it in the suggestion box and I’ll do my best make sure I answer it for you! 


Always Uncensor Your Pleasure


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