Is The Magic Wand All That Magical?

Ah the wand, the ol ‘forget your wife’s hands, you’ve got the massaging wand!’. It just so happens to be my favorite way to scream into an orgasm.    via GIPHY   The Magic Wand by Hitatchi was revolutionary for orgasms. It’s an intense strong vibration that make many toes curl under its intensity.    […]

Sex Life Brings To Life The CAT Position, How Do You Do It?

Meow meow baby, drop into that CAT position from Sex Life and get yourself an orgasm.      What am I talking about?    If you’ve seen all of sex life then you’ve gotten to the part where she falls into a life changing orgasm and other bliss over the Coital Alignment Technique. After seeing […]

Sex Life, Porn With A Storyline?

It’s all over Netflix and it’s the steamiest hottest newest erotic show based off a sexy steamy erotica. Sex Life. So is it porn with a good storyline?    The following content contains spoilers.    Movie Synopsis Here’s my synopsis of sex and life, this is a book turned Netflix show. About a woman who […]

Becoming A Dominatrix, The Sensuality of Sexual Living Art.

How did I become a dominatrix? What led up to it and how did I make such a life changing decision to enter into the adult industry?      When people go to enter into the adult industry they may have some questions that help them contemplate if they should or not.    How much […]

Go Mr. Clean On Your Sex Toys

Wipe on, wipe off! How To Clean Your Sex Toys!      Infections are what happens if you don’t clean your sex toy properly. And your genitals are the last area you want to have an infection on top of that you can transfer that bacteria to a partner… nobody wants that!    So how […]

Sext like a pro, here’s all you need to know!

Nor rain, nor work, nor pandemic can stop a sexy text!    In a long distant relationship? Do you want to try something new, but not sure how to tell your partner? Looking for a new way to spice up your relationship? Try sexting!   Seriously, it’s a thrilling and great way to have fun with […]

How To Buy Your First Vibrator

Vibrators Are A Girls Best Friend     Do you want to buy a vibrator but not sure what you want in a vibrator? No worries! I’m here to answer your questions!    These vibrators are meant for both external and internal usage, their button/dial typically comes at the bottom which is where the charger […]

How To Have Shower Sex

Shower sex sounds super hot! You’re wet and slippery and it’s oh so steamy! But it’s not as easy as it looks.     I’ve worked in porn and let me tell you, they know how to make sexy shower sex happen! So I’m going to give you some tips that are realistic for you to […]