Ultimate Guide To Silicone Anal Teaser by Anal Fantasy

Tease an please with this Anal Teaser just for your balloon knot. Here’s how to use the Silicone Anal Teaser by Anal Fantasy.     Anal Teaser Basics     Rechargeable: Yes   The light will blink indicating the toy is charging – once it’s done blinking it’s done charging.      Waterproof: Yes   Lube: Water Based […]

Lube Life Lubricant Review

Lube Life, is this lubricant all the life you need to revive your sex life? Does it add that extra yum that you and your partner need? Will it help you turn your partner into a platter of deliciousness for your devouring? Well here’s my Lube Life review.   Type: Water Based Smell: 4 Taste: […]

Ultimate Guide To Backdoor Lover by Satisfyer

Love your backdooor with the Backdoor Lover by Satisfyer, here’s what you need to know about how to embrace your backdoor. An in depth guide on how to use the Backdoor Lover by Satisfyer.     Backdoor Lover Basics     Rechargeable: You know it!   Charge: 1.5 hours to a full charge with 30-60 mins of […]

Ultimate Guide To Anal Fantasy Flexa-Pleaser

Probe your way with these Anal Fantasy Flexa-Pleaser beads from Pipedream. Just the tip or balls deep, you can determine how much you want to take with these bendable anal beads.     Flexa-Pleaser Basics     Rechargeable: Nope it’s not, it requires 2 AAA batteries   Waterproof: Yes   Lube: Water Based   Motors: 1   Intensity Levels: 3 […]

Tips To Having Incredible Shower Sex

Shower sex sounds super hot! You’re wet and slippery and it’s oh so steamy! But it’s not as easy as it looks, here’s tips to having shower sex.     My time working behind the scenes in porn taught me a lot and one of them was how much effort went into making shower sex look […]

Ultimate Guide To Plug-ilicious

Back it up, plug it up with the Plug-ilicious by Satisfyer! Here’s how to use the Plug-ilicious and what you need to know to get the most out of your Plug-ilicious!     Plug-ilicious Basic   Rechargeable: You know it!   Charge: 4.5 hours to a full charge with roughly 1.5 – 2 hours of play   […]

Ultimate Guide To WeVibe Vector

The WeVibe Vector is an anal toy that can stimulate both the prostate and the taint at the same time. The pleasure is in the eye of the beholder and here’s how to use your WeVibe Vector.     Vector Basics     Rechargeable: You know it!   Charge: 90 mins to a full charge with […]

California Dreamin Santa Cruz Coaster | Sex Toy Review

From the California Dreamin’ line you have the Santa Cruz Coaster by Cal Exotics. It’s tilted to hit that G-spot, it thrusts and has a clitoral tickler! So did it rock my world? Find out below     Vibrating Anal Plug ⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐   Quick Summary     The Santa Cruz Coaster is a […]

Ultimate Guide To Vedo Bump

Bump that booty! Bump in that Vedo Bump and have some booty bumpin fun. Here’s your ultimate guide on usig the Vedo Bump, everything you need to know!     Bump Basics     Rechargeable: Yes   Charge: It takes 90 minutes to charge and 90 minutes of play.   The light will blink indicating the toy […]

5 Ways To Enhance Oral Sex

how to enhance oral sex

Oral sex, the Australian kiss! It’s one of those things that can be harder to be creative at because it’s so straight forward. Here’s 5 ways to enhance your oral play.       I get it, I’ve been there, you’re going down on your partner and all you can think is ‘did you come […]