Satisfyer Pro 2 Review | Is it the Pro 2 Satisfy you?

Much like the Womanizer, the Satisfyer Pro 2 is it’s competitor and heres my review! You may remember the penguin that came out around the same time as the womanizer and also like the womanizer made huge waves! So is the Pro 2 all it lives up too?       Quick Summary   The […]

Ultimate Guide To Vibrators

ultimate guide to vibrators

Vibrators! What all can these vibrating sticks with different lengths and girths do? Well let’s talk about what you need to know about vibrators so you can choose the best option for you. Here’s the ultimate guide to vibrators.     What Are Vibrators?     Vibrators are sex toys that are typically in a […]

Mini Halo Review | Is it orgasmic?

The Mini Halo Review, is it truly orgasmic? Is this toy worth the money and does it really have that bang they claim it does? Well let’s find out if something great is packed into this small package!     Massager/ Wand ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Quick Summary Between it’s rumble and silicone smoothness, this product […]

My favorite erotica writers!

From dark to devious to sexy, the erotica has it all! Here are my favorite erotica writers and why you should read erotica’s.   via GIPHY   What is an Erotica?   An erotica is a book, but it’s no ordinary book! Erotica’s involve sex, and not the type of sex you see in a […]

11 Halloween Sex Scene Ideas

If were being honest, times are hard! They have been for awhile now.. And spicing up your sex life can be difficult! So here are 11 Halloween sex scene ideas, to spice up your sex life and get into the Halloween spirit!    DISCLAIMER: The scenes provided do not specify consent. You should discuss boundaries […]

13 Tips To Spark Your Roleplay

Is that a gun I feel or are you just happy to see me? Roleplay is a great way for you to get out of your head, your daily life and so much more.   You can discover new fun things about your partner and spice up your sex life. It is important to note […]

9 Need To Know Tips To Pick The Vibe For You!

Vibrators can range from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars but they all have the same purpose – to help you climax.     via GIPHY     Choosing a vibrator can be a daunting task, and if you’re on a budget then you really want to get the biggest bang for your […]

Working In A Sex Shop

Working in a sex shop was a life changing event for me. It’s honestly what gave me my start in this industry.   I may have started out as a dominatrix but it wasn’t until I got to working at a sex shop that I really discovered my passion, drive and love for the adult […]

Feature Toy: Sensuelle Curve

Copy of Sensuelle Curve 20 Function Vibe by Uncensored Kiss Copy of Copy of Sensuelle Curve 20 Function Vibe by Uncensored Kiss