Working In A Sex Shop

Working in a sex shop was a life changing event for me. It’s honestly what gave me my start in this industry.   I may have started out as a dominatrix but it wasn’t until I got to working at a sex shop that I really discovered my passion, drive and love for the adult […]

Feature Toy: Sensuelle Curve

Copy of Sensuelle Curve 20 Function Vibe by Uncensored Kiss Copy of Copy of Sensuelle Curve 20 Function Vibe by Uncensored Kiss

How To Use: Rose By Inya

The ever coveted Rose! It’s made a boom on social media, it’s having trouble staying in stock and I’ve had many a question regarding it. So here’s my breakdown of the Rose by Inya and here’s how it works!   via GIPHY   Toy Basics   Rechargeable: You know it.   Charge: Taking  2.5 hours […]

Is The Magic Wand All That Magical?

Ah the wand, the ol ‘forget your wife’s hands, you’ve got the massaging wand!’. It just so happens to be my favorite way to scream into an orgasm.    via GIPHY   The Magic Wand by Hitatchi was revolutionary for orgasms. It’s an intense strong vibration that make many toes curl under its intensity.    […]

Book Review: Hacker Series by Meredith Wild

Buy Hacker Series Overall: 3 out of 5 This book, oh this book. Why does it deserve a 3 out of 5? It’s not because the story is honestly all that thrilling, it comes down to the creative sex scenes, it’s the use of the props, its the way the story is put together and […]

How To Use: Anal Glide

Anal August is here! And you may want some help sticking it up your butt, so here I am!    Anal Glide is a numbing lubricant, it’s specifically made for the anus so you can safely stick things up your bum and reduce the possible pain. It’s okay, we all struggle at some point with […]

Why You Need To Masturbate Tonight.

Choke the chicken, tickle the pickle, Spank the monkey, buffin the muffin…. No matter what you call, the goal is the orgasm.      92% of men masturbate and 76% of women masturbate in America, according to PR Newswire.    Masturbating has gotten a bad wrap though and has never been highly encouraged. So before […]